Sunday, April 3, 2011

And the CUP is HOME... We won! We won! We won!! :) :) Yay!! :) :)

The MEN IN BLUE finally did it!
They have brought the CUP back home…
The CUP that has eluded us for 28 years….
The CUP that really counts!!!
They have given the greatest batsman, India and the World has ever seen the best gift that they could ever have!! A fitting tribute to the Little Master! :-)
And we were part of the generation that witnessed it!
Some of us – for the first time ever! And what a feeling it is! It’s euphoric! It’s a high that nothing else can match up to…
We are the WORLD CHAMPIONS…. :-) And this is just the beginning
DhoniR.E.S.P.E.C.T. - A million times over! For delivering a Captain’s innings and taking us all the way to the CUP, for coming through when it really mattered, and for shutting all of us up with that awesome knock!!! And also for being candid enough to say that on camera… ;-) :-P
Gen Next of the Indian Team … from here on it’s all going to be win-win!! You stepped up magnificently to the challenge and you won it for us!! :-) Kudos! Hats off! And you guys R.O.C.K.
On a side-note, do Raina and Kohli remind anyone else of Ganguly and Dravid respectively?? :P Or is it just me?? .. The passion that these two show on the field to win the game is just incredible. It’s a pleasure to watch them on the field!!

But best of all… this CUP is for the Sachin Tendulkar!! The MAN who is the face of INDIAN CRICKET and for whom this is the biggest honor the team can give!! Virat Kohli summed it up perfectly - "Sachin Tendulkar has carried Indian cricket on his shoulders for 21 years. So it was fitting that we carried him on our shoulders after this win!!”
TEAM INDIA - You did us PROUD!! You guys played fiercely and how many times over and again we say it, it still won’t be enough!! You have given this country what they were dreaming of for the past so many years… You will always be remembered for this!! For bringing the CUP home! And this is where it belongs! :-)
No more of the 1983 pictures of us lifting the CUP …
No more of us saying – “Remember back in 1983 when we won the CUP??”…
No more of us debating the decisions the team took during the tournament …
From now on 2011 is the new benchmark … !!!
And we have YOU GUYS to be thankful to for it!! :-)
Way to go Team INDIA... Proud of you!
Proud to be an INDIAN… :-) :-)

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  1. What a memorable victory..proud to be an indian....

  2. wow.. nice post dear..... even I have written a post on our victory -

    #383rd BLOG - India's struggle of 28 years end 4 WC -

  3. Congrats!
    We are the champion ! :)


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