Saturday, May 28, 2011

I.N.K.E.D. for L.I.F.E.

How did I forget to blog about this?? Man! The perils of getting older!
I got I.N.K.E.D for L.I.F.E .
A birthday present from me to myself... Quite an overdue one at that! :P
I got a permanent tattoo done last month Actually on April 30th ;-) [Yes! I keep track of important dates like these too ;-)]. Its something that I have wanted to get done for a long time now, read since 11th standard or so.
You know what works? Telling all and sundry that you are going to get a tattoo done, and when and which part of your body you are going to get it done. I did that for a long time, except I did not tell anyone what I wanted and when I was going to get it done or even where I was going to get it inked. And then, they all got sick of me just saying it and not doing it. So I set a time and date and told everyone that a slight variation! I agree! But the sheer pressure works! I lost count of how many people I told and then how many excuses I would have to give incase I chickened out. The lesser evil was to just get it done! And here it is!  :-) :-)
I.N.K.E.D for L.I.F.E. and Thrilled to bits about it

The symbol below the dancer is that of TAURUS, my zodiac! And as for the dancer, people who know me will understand why I chose it! :-) 


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