Saturday, October 8, 2011

How old am I?? Apparently not very!! :P :P

So I came across this site while I was blog-hopping!! its a site that analyses your blog !!
Of course, I had to analyze my blog url as well
And this was the result..
"My Expression!! My Life!!"
"Text analysis"
" is probably written by a female somewhere between 13-17 years old. The writing style is personal and happy most of the time."
You dont believe me!! Check this!!
Sigh!! So, thats what my writing style comes across as teenage, adolescent. Wow! Brilliant! Just brilliant! And I thought I had crossed that bridge ages back!! Double Sigh!! :-(
Oh well.. So long as it is young!! :P Maybe this is the silver lining I gotta look out for! ;-)


  1. u think u had it bad? what they said abt mine...just kick that chair from under me once i get the noose in nice and

  2. Aah - teenage is so much better.
    It said mine didn't contain enough English to be even analyzed! What have I been writing all this while!! OMG.
    How bad is that!!!

    Gurl - be happy :)


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