Monday, February 25, 2013

Here's to feeling SPECIAL!! ;-)

I feel special today. No specific reason at all.

Today is most definitely not a special day. It’s a normal dreary Monday, like how all Mondays are. In fact more so.

But I feel special.

And I don’t know why exactly. I can’t quite put my finger onto it.

Last weekend I joined for Salsa classes. It is something that I have been meaning to do for a long time. There have been long drawn out dinners and drinks over which I have taken umpteen resolutions umpteen times only to have broken or forgotten them a few hours into steadfastly taking them. Learning salsa was one of them. I have lost count of the number of times I have decided that I will join for classes only to back out at the last minute, citing silly reasons or for the most part – laziness.

Well, like I said in earlier posts here… I have a whole lot of things planned for 2013. It’s a special year. And well, I have crossed off one now. Good thing too, because I almost decided not to go for the first class. Again no specific reason but dragging myself to the class in the middle of the day on a Saturday seemed like a big thing at that time. But drag myself I did. And I am glad… I loved it. It’s definitely not as strenuous as my other classes have been but the perfection that it requires is quite tiring.

You know that feeling you get sometimes. You are happy for no reason. You try introspecting. But you still can’t figure out for the life of you why you are so upbeat. Today is one of those days. I tried introspecting and then gave up. Later I realized that it did not quite matter what I was happy about. It just mattered that I was happy. And that’s all that counts.

It’s a tremendous feeling when you discover something new about yourself. Most often than not, most of us end up thinking that we know ourselves really well and that no one else knows you as well as yourself. True to an extent, but sometimes some of the basic stuff that you miss out, others might take notice of it and it endears them to you. And when they point it out to you and when you notice it – that feeling – that’s the one I am talking about. :-) :-)

It’s like ruffling through those layers and then finding out that there’s one more layer hidden in between. Makes you feel cozier than before. :-)

For all those who read this and couldn’t understand what this whole post was about, it doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that I am happy and I feel special. :-) So be happy for me!! And be happy yourself as well…

I discovered something about myself today and I like who I am turning into. That’s what matters! :-)

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  1. Wish I could make someone like you whom I know for the last 9 months to feel not just special but extra special. For all the unfortunate not so good times in 2012, undoubtedly it needs to be changed to joyful moments in 2013. I am getting closer to this. It is only a few moments away.


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