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Hiatus and back!

The last post on this blog was on June 12, 2017 where I closed the writing with the portentous words – to be continued. Trust me, I had all intentions of continuing it as well. In fact, I have a post half-written sitting in my drafts, to conclude the story on Ekalavya. However, quite a few things have happened after I wrote those words. Actually, lots of things happened last year.

1 engagement, 2 weddings, 1 huge loss, 1 birth announcement, and plenty of overwhelming emotions. It was quite a year.

By the end of the year, I didn’t even have the energy to write a year-end mandatory wrap-up. I really did want to get one out there, even if it was just for the sake of writing something and getting the fingers to mirror the thoughts. But hey, fatigue took over and all that! I think out of all the posts that I drafted (some in my head, of course) this one was really the bummer. I had gotten used to the idea of writing a year end post over the last few years recapping the years’ happenings, as well as hits and misses.

That was last year!

This year, the biggest and the most important news is the arrival of the little one, Ved, who has us all wrapped around his tiny little finger.

No, I am not going to elaborate on the entire pregnancy journey, nor about the joy motherhood has brought upon me. There are plenty of other blogs you can refer to for that. For now, I am just enjoying the journey. It is safe to say, life has changed but not too entirely. Of course, there is less sleep, more of the learning moments, more of the day’s timings revolving around what Ved does and on what he wants, but I still read, I still browse, I still buy stuff that I don’t need. I managed to watch snippets of shows I enjoy, I have gotten back to work and things are slowly settling into a routine. The post-partum hormones created a bit of ruckus for a while and though they do make an appearance every now and then, it has more or less settled down a bit.

In between all this, there is that immense learning that comes from being responsible for a tiny little person, along with the awareness that much as I want to be a super-mom, I am only human and that it is okay to ask for help when you need it and you won’t be judged for it.

So that’s that!

In all probability, this post will count as a year-end post (its mid-Nov already, where did the time go?) with the blog going back to sleep until next year, unless I manage to churn something out. Well, there are always the drafts that I can complete and post :-) And the concluding part of Ekalavya, of course.

What have you all been upto? :-) 


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