Tuesday, February 12, 2008

For Book worms!!!!

I have brushed up on my reading skills after landing up here in Hyderabad… MBA left them a little dusty… as in I am talking about fiction here… don’t get me wrong... The reading of the other kind I did a lot in MBA… had enough of it as well… There are a lot of book sales here in hyd which sell second hand books or pirated copies of most fiction authors… have picked up quite a few for my collection ever since… but apart from them as well I frequent the good stores as well..Like Crossword, Odyssey, and Landmark which sets my pocket back by a few hundred books but still worth the money..!!!

Check out these books by these authors….! Must read!!! :-)

Khaled Hosseini – “A Thousand Splendid Suns” and “The Kite Runner”
Both books make for amazing reading…! They are not the normal books in which expect to be glued to the book until it’s done but well they are very interesting to read… one speaks about the plight of women and the other about a man’s travails through life. Both are set in the background of Kabul and Afghanistan.
Gregory David Roberts – Shantaram
Takes you through one man’s journey of life… makes a great read for the language used and the way the author has portrayed his thoughts into words… His experience if they are to be believed are amazing… a detailed scene by scene account of his life is what the reader gets to experience.

Ken Follet – Pillars of the Earth
A story of passion and idealism, which describes a group of men and women in the Middle Ages whose destinies are linked with the building of a cathedral. In a country torn by civil war, two generations struggle to rise above their primitive circumstances and create something beautiful.

Mario Puzo – Godfather
If you have not read this book till now forget everything else go pick up a copy of this and start reading…!! By far the best book detailing the Mafia game in the book world…!!! And while you are at it, check out his other books, Omerta, Sicilian, The last Don, and Fools Die…!!! They make good reading!!

Jeffery Archer – Any of his books
Check out his books – Kane and Abel, Not a penny more not a penny less (AWESOME!!), The Prodigal Daughter, Sons of fortune, The Eleventh Commandment, Honor among Thieves…

If u like the thriller, mystery genre read some of James Patterson’s books (Along came a Spider and Kiss the girls are gr8!), David Baldacci (this one’s more of strategy and mind games – The Winner, Split Second, Last man standing are good books!), Mary Higgins Clark (Kind of repetitive plots – you’ll start guessing who the culprit is by around 2-3 books – check out Stillwatch, All around the town and Loves music, Loves to dance!!)

And of course here are some of the other books that are part of my favorites list…
› There is a song for every dance – Mridula Martis
› Sister of my heart – Chitra Banerjee Divakarunni
› The Inscrutable Americans – Anurag Mathur
› Five point someone – Chetan Bhagat
› The Cottage, Daddy – Danielle Steele
› Master of the game, Rage of angels, Tell me your dreams, Windmills of the Gods – Sidney Sheldon
› Prizes, Doctors, Acts of Faith, Man Woman & Child – Erich Segal
› The Testament, The street lawyer, The firm, Partner, A Painted house – John Grisham
› Da Vinci Code, Digital Fortress, Angels & Demons – Dan Brown
› The entire Harry Potter series – J.K.Rowling
› Detective – Arthur Hailey

And on the flip side… ;-) Check out these management books as well… they are good stuff!
Google Story, Blue Ocean Strategy, Brand Failures, GE, Dell…. They are quite interesting to read.

And on that note… happy reading..!! :-)

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