Friday, October 30, 2009

Blogger's Block... Writers Block.. whatever!

Sometimes it’s like this…

I come out with a whole lot of blog posts, as opposed to my sometimes-too-long-a-silence!

Can’t help it… :-)

You know, each time that I am not blogging, I keep thinking of stuff to blog about…

Like my childhood, or days at college, or funny incidents with friends… times spent travelling etc etc…

A whole plethora of stuff (yeah! I always did used to like big hi-fi sounding words!)!!

I actually draft out sentences in my mind and then take contentment and pride in the fact that I can post it in my blog… and when the time actually comes I find that I am not in the mood for it…

These moods are damn irritating, I tell you… extremely horribly irritating!

Sometimes I feel like doing a particular thing and the next minute whoosh!! It’s gone! I am not in the mood for it anymore.

And sometimes (actually most times!) my blogging falls into that category…

That’s not a good thing right?!?

I mean there’s so much stuff that I want to write about and somehow I never end up writing about it… phew!

But I promise I will try harder to write… actually sit and type down posts… :)

Anyways, here’s to more blogging!

Take care!

1 comment:

  1. I probably need to take the same oath - "I will try harder to write… actually sit and type down posts…"

    Nice template. Mothathil oru Yo! look undu


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