Monday, March 21, 2011

The story of why I have a bandage on my cheek!!

Ever since 2011 started off on a low-key note, I have been besieged with health troubles. And no! Nothing of the major sort!! Uh-huh! It’s all those minor ailments that have been irritating me! If it’s not a cold, it’s my back! If it’s not that, then some nit-picking thing that can be quite a pain in the wrong place! Even the two kilos that I managed to gain after a lot of trouble and binging vanished into thin air… :-/
No! I am not gloating here how easy it is for me to lose weight… On the contrary!! If you have any tips for gaining the ‘ever-elusive’ weight please do let me know!! I will be grateful to you as long as it works!! :-)
Well, recently, I visited the doctor again! Yes! I am a regular with the doctors around this area... Why do you ask?! But this time it was not one of the ‘regular’ doctors. This time I went to the National Skin Centre! Yes! It’s a big step ahead from the local doctors that I visit! :P
You ask me why I went there!! Well… I had this huge pimple on my face or ‘something-that-resembles-a-pimple’ that was causing quite a bit of mental pain more than the physical one! And by huge I mean HUGE! So after a few times it got compared to an organism growing on my face, and some other things I don’t want to say here; I decided to go to the doc to get it checked out! Actually the crowning point was when I went for this gathering, and a little kid came up to me and asked who bit my face! That was it!
National Skin Centre – here I come!
So there I was, at the doctors waiting to get the organism on my face checked out!  After a lot of prodding and some poking, the doc-lady decided she wanted to incise it!! Right! I am not getting into the gross details of what it was and how gory it was – for me that is! I was a very brave girl!! Ask the nurse! Actually don’t! I will tell you why!
When I saw the needle that she was going to use, I did shiver a little!! And then she said the words I had been dreading – “this will only pain a little”…  All those serial killers and murderers from the countless books I had read flashed through my mind! My fear must have shown on my face and the way I was cringing away from her, she asked me if I could relax a little! Yeah right! When a needle that size is coming at your cheek, the last thing you feel like doing is relaxing! Phew! Anyways, in a bid to be brave, I asked the doctor if there was something I can hold on to! Like a rod or something! And there was none! So I looked at the nurse, a petite young thing, standing beside to help the doctor and asked her if I could hold her hand! Yes! I was being VERY BRAVE!!! :P The nurse not knowing what she was getting into, said of course I could hold her hand!!
Well to cut a long story short.. Remember that episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Ross gets a shot and he squeezes Monica’s hand so hard that it cracks a tiny bit!! Okie.. No!! I did not crack her bone or anything; but she did tell the doc to get it done with FAST! I am sure my bony hand did hurt a lot!
Hmm… suffice to say that the nurse did not wish me a speedy recovery! Or anything! However she did give me a glare! Ah well! :D
Now, I have a bandage on my cheek and I have people asking me, if I got into a fight or I someone punched me!!
Better a fight than the organism growing on my face I guess!! ;-) :P

PS: My life does have a lot of F.R.I.E.N.D.S moments before you wonder!! :P :P

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