Monday, November 21, 2011

Why this kolaveri ... kolaveri... kolaveri di..!!! :) :)

There are songs that make you think.
There are songs that transport you into another world.
And then there are songs that bring a smile instantly on your face when you listen to it.
This is one such song.
What works for it…
1.    Simple lyrics, interspersed with Thanglish. (English spoken like Tamil)
2.    The video of the song recording.
3.    Dhanush.
Come to think of it, Dhanush should be number 1 reason. It’s just the way he sings, and the manner in which he manages to bring out the expressions required for the song into his singing that works primarily for this.
I was never a huge fan of Dhanush. I agree he is a very good actor, but he was never in my “never-miss-a-movie” list of stars.
But this song makes me want to watch the movie – 3.
Directed by Aishwarya.R.Dhanush and with Shruti Hassan and Dhanush acting, it has evoked enough curiosity with just this one song.
Maama notes eduthuko, appidiye kaiyila snacks eduthuko... ;-) 


  1. man this shit is addictive....i had no clue what everyone was talking about....i thought kolaveri is some new dam or something..

    mark my the next 2 years u will hate this song...

    but rite now, iam loving it



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