Monday, January 23, 2012

A short post to say that "I am Alive" and oh yeah - Happy 2012!! :) :)

Err.. Hello.. Knock Knock!
Yes! I am very much alive and all is well and all that!
Happy 2012 to you too! Right, Ok! I know it’s almost the end of January and that I am just wishing you all (or whoever reads this blog nowadays!). But then, I just showed up here! After a long time. And there was no mandatory New Year post this time so if you think I can just start writing without wishing you a very happy 2012, then you’re mistaken. No! I am not being defensive! Just telling you!! Alright! Ok then! :D
My last post as usual was a while back and since then, nothing much has changed... Except that it’s a new year already! And touted to be the year that the world will end or some such thing! But let’s not discuss that! Let’s discuss what I have been up to, that I have neglected this space for more than 2 months. No big story or anything of that sort, just the usual stupid ol’ laziness!
I keep blogging in my mind all through the day, but when I sit in front of the laptop, nothing comes out and I don’t have the interest to sit and pen down whatever went through my mind! Weird eh!
2011 was a pretty good year compared to 2010. And it was a fast year. Like I literally saw how time flies! 2011 was nothing special in terms of what happened. But it was good overall. Close friends expanded their families with some adorable lil’ ones, I made some new friends, I introspected a lot, had a lot of good times with friends, had a couple of good holidays and of course a steady job which was the most important thing on my list last year! :) So all in all, it was great. Wrapped up 2011 with an awesome holiday with the folks back in India and started 2012 with another holiday to Langkawi in Malaysia with a few friends.
So that’s pretty much what I have been up to… How have you all been? :) :)
And yes! Ok! I will post more often. Like always, that’s on my list of resolutions. Oh yes! I have a few resolutions this year too! But until I kinda get started on them all, I am gonna keep mum about it! :D
You’ll get to know about it, I promise!
Yes, 2012 does seem to be a promising year with a great start!
Fingers crossed! :) 


  1. A refreshing blog after ages. You do write with the same tone you speak. This is quite an attribute (i would call it an attribute cause i am 'blessed' with the same trait). ;)
    Langkawi is super amazing. :)


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