Friday, December 2, 2016

10 words to describe a 30-something me!

So, the prompt today asked me to describe myself in 10 words.
Tough task that is!
A long time back I had written this blog post – THIS IS ME.
Of course, over the years it has seen a few iterations and over the last couple of years plenty more, though they haven’t been updated on that post. But most of the stuff in that post, still holds true, even if it does come across as narcissistic, bordering on false perfection.
Describing myself in 10 words is by far one of the hardest posts I have ever had to write.
The below are the top 10 words that would describe me NOW at this point of time.
Dancer. Reader. Closet Writer. Pragmatist. Stubborn. Travel-holic. Trivia Addict. Pluviophile. Materialistic. INTROVERT.
The top 4 are the ones that I identify with the most. The first 3 have now become my individuality.
The 5th one, I’d rather prefer what Amma says about me. She says I have a lot of will-power when I need to get something done, but of course, that something has to be something that I need / want / desire / must-have. And I always disagreed with her until recent times, when I see myself doing things that I really really want and seeing the stubbornness reflected.
The 6th one is a recent addition, thanks to the privilege of being in a place that has access to visit most of the South-East Asian countries, at a reasonable price. And I hope it increases in fervour as the years pass by.
The 7th is as a result of my something a good friend of mine told me in MBA. Of course, me being me, took it a little too harshly, but once I started doing those random readings, web-hopping, it caught on like wild-fire. Suffice to say, I thrive on trivia these days.
The 8th I have expounded on enough here. :-)
The 9th of course is something that is inherent in me. I hate change. I like my things how they are, and how they have been for years. Force of habit you could say, and in that sense alone, I am extremely materialistic when it comes to my comfort zone.  I like comfort, I like security and I definitely need to know where the next paycheck is coming from to keep my creature comforts.
The 10th is something I realized when I reached my wise old years – the 30s. :) It was brought on by a conversation I had with a very good friend. We were discussing mutual friends and who was an introvert and who was an extrovert. Up until that point, I was under the impression that I was an AMBIVERT. You know, it sounded cool so to say and being an introvert is almost always looked upon in a negative connotation. This is now changing thanks to social media. So all along, while my heart knew that I was an introvert and that I regained my energies in solitude, my ego never let me admit it. And when he told me that I was an introvert, for a long time, I tried to defend it. But like I said, in my previous post, acceptance is the first step to everything. When I accepted, and embraced the fact that I was actually an introvert, it didn’t really seem so bad, you know. So, what?  We have our good qualities and our moments, except that most happen in solitude or with a very small group of people. Quality over quantity you see! ;)
So that’s me in a nutshell, as of now, for you ;)
And for some reason, I hope these qualities of mine never change. And that I will keep adding more as the years go by.
One can, of course, always hope can’t they ;) 

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