Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bumper-to-Bumper Kissing ;-)

And I forgot…!! Normally I don’t forget it... But that day I was talking to my colleague Kalyan and well it just slipped my mind… we had hardly gone abt 50 yards onto the Mayfair flyover when things happened all of a sudden... I was thrown forward with a sudden jerk and Kalyan crashed on the steering wheel.. He was luckily wearing a seatbelt and therefore the impact was a little in control…

Moi was not so lucky… I got thrown forward at the windshield; hit it with a jerk and my jaw hit the dashboard and I bounced back..!! Awesome scene it was… all I could see at that point was zilch..Nada..Blank…. then I saw BLOOD! And I didn’t know where it came from… sexy!! I freaked out… and then I spat blood.. And felt something heavy in my mouth.. Well.. Slowly I realized it was my tongue..!! it had swelled up to twice its size..! Wonderful.. the blood was ‘coz I bit my tongue in that effect and well… bloody sharp teeth I have must say… but that’s nothing compared to my head… no no… nothing happened to it.. On the contrary the windshield which was shatter-proof cracked..!! Hz that for starters??

It was like a scene out of a movie..!! totally..!! apparently what happened was that cupla bikes collided in the front and the Qualis guy in the front braked suddenly which led to Kalyan braking suddenly as well which in turn led to the Indica at the back braking… so what happened was a bumper-to-bumper kissing of four vehicles….hmmm!!!

Actually its not as funny as it sounds…

The after-effects especially ain’t funny..!!

Having a diet that would give competition to a baby, and suffering from the pain in the jaw and the various places I got hit when I bounced back… well..!!

Anyways.. I guess that’s life… you take the good with the bad... you take smooth rides with a little bumps here and there...

But next time…

or else contact me for what medicines to take if u got hit on the jaw..!! ;-)


  1. My vehicle doesnt have a seatbelt feature :(
    I'll write to Bajaj Automobiles to launch seatbelt version of pulsar :D
    Well, the moral of the story is clear. Wear Seatbelt. Hope all your natural dental fixtures are in place!

  2. You seem to learn something about 'life' in every incident. :) Pura Vida!!


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