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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

There was this show on TV couple of days back about blogging. On NDTV if I am not mistaken. The topic of discussion was whether ‘Blogs should be regulated or not”. And one of the main concerns on why it should be was that it helps anonymity of the user… I can have a blog under a misleading name and thanks to the net which is quite the haven for the person who is not willing to disclose what or who he/she is, they are totally at their ease.

I guess for some, blogs are a way for expressing their innermost feelings and yet the need to remain unidentified. There can be a zillion reasons for the same. I have felt the need a lot many times myself… especially when you want to say something but are unable to thinking of the consequences… times when you want to vent out about someone/something and are forced to write it in a third person view, figuring people might jeer/poke fun at you or worse still take you to task for writing like that…

There are lots of times when I have held back thinking about the repercussions of whatever I have written, times I have deleted certain posts thanks to the remarks from people who have read them… sometimes it sure does help to maintain a blog anonymously… at least then you are free to write whatever you want… however you want…

Some people have the opinion that you can/should go ahead and write whatever you feel like without mincing words about whomever you like… It’s hard! It’s really bloody hard!! So easy to say… if I start writing about people like I know them even the one’s close to me then it will be bloodshed here if they ever happen to read it… jeez..! I am currently not willing to take that risk… it would mean losing too much right! ;-)

For me my blog even after all the restrictions and constraints is my expression and the way I see life… of course I can’t put into words right now whatever I go through in my life but one day I will..! And hopefully that day ain’t far away! :-)

Pura Vida!

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