The Mad Cow Disease....

Monday, June 2, 2008

It’s one of those days…

Irritating. Disgusting. Frustrating. Grating. Nauseating. Exasperating. Morbid. Moody.

I can go on and on and on…

Is this what they call by “Monday Blues” …!!?!?!? Monday Morning Blues are extending to the whole day….

Hell man… this is so damn maddening!

Everything everyone does is irritating me… and I dunno the reason for it… every single topic of discussion makes me feel like "what-the-fish-am-i-doing-here-listening-to-this-dumb-stuff???"

Debate on how elections in Andhra will do to the economy… (Yeah right! How does it matter to me??)

Who stays where and how long is that route compared to this one!!! (Oh this is GK... I should be interested in this… Yawn!!)

Which all Indian products are patented and which are not..!!! (This is topic for lunch ladies and gentlemen… for e.g.: yoga is patented by USA, and turmeric by someone else!!!... Huh…!)

How the movie “Bujjigaadu” (what a name!!) has Tamil dialogues which the hero speaks well but still we-the-goltis have a problem with it!!!! (I really don’t understand what they have against the other South Indian languages!!!)

The voices in my head tell me I am perfectly rational and of sound mind. But then the voices in my head are biased… for sure!!...

I just want this day to end…

I just want to go home and do nothing… but somehow even that seems like a bleak option…

All through weekend I was waiting for Monday to come so that I could come to office…. And now I feel like why the weekend couldn’t have been extended to another couple of days…

GOD please let this day get over…!!!

And let it get over SOON….


  1. u seem to be enjoying every bit of it :-D

  2. @ RAT--> hmm.. athe athe... i love spending time imagining myself to be the underdog ;-)... sympathy stuff u see :P