Mozhi ....

Friday, August 22, 2008

I saw this very nice movie yesterday (again!) called ‘Mozhi’ – a Tamil movie… I saw it initially when it was released in the company of my parents and my best friend – Vaish - and her family… I fell in love with it! And now it holds a prominent place in my list of favorite movies… I watched it again yesterday… and fell in love with it all over again…

A very simple, sweet, story that is portrayed in a very realistic way… loved each and every character in the movie… they all contributed their bit no matter how small it was… and everything about the movie is so well-made that it makes you feel good after watching it…

Jyothika has done a great job as the deaf and mute girl whose resilience is weakened when she comes into contact with another person who introduces her to things she was not aware of…. Prithviraj has done a brilliant job as the musician who falls in love with this strong headed, confident girl and wants to share his life with her… Prakash Raj – yet again a brilliant actor, he has portrayed the role of a friend, spicing up the movie with his comic timing and good acting…Swarnamallya as Jyothika’s friend has also lent her support in a subtle but powerful way…

The dialogues, the acting, and the scenarios … everything is so realistic and something that we can relate to… subtle nuances have been portrayed in a nice way… good songs …. Nice locales too…

I loved the last scene where the friend throws her bouquet to Jyothika in the church after she has made up with the hero… nice touch I felt! :-)….

Great movie – Must watch…. You’ll love it!!!


  1. Lovely movie !
    So natural.
    So real..

  2. @ Rat--> U finally out of hiding???

  3. no no no no no no ...hehehe mozhi was one of the movies i cud in a way relate to cos u no a hard headed woman is a hard headed woman whether she has genuine problems or not... Jyothika makes life hard for Prithiviraj it's true..Prakash raj kicked ass..must say i watched this movie cos of this man...otherwise with my warped faith in Romance..i wud have given the idea a shove..Something s are not worth it..the enterprising know it the Hard way..!! i know it..!!