Wednesday, August 6, 2008

To write or not to write....

You know sometimes I hate my blog! Hate of course is too harsh a word but then having a blog like this in my own name is a little unnerving… its unnerving because I have to think about what I am going to write, how I am going to word it, will it hurt people’s sentiments or feelings, would people who read it take offence, do I have the liberty to post it… I dunno… sometimes having a blog anonymously helps! Seriously!

I mean, there are so many things that I want to write about, stuff about people, about incidents that happen, about the way people behave etc etc… the list is kind of endless… but no… I end up thinking that it might be rude to say/write stuff like that which of course is sarcastic enough for people to feel bad because sarcasm kind of runs in my blood… or so some of my friends say!!

But when I get that feeling that I have to stop myself from writing something just because it would hurt someone, it irks me… it’s almost like I don’t have the freedom to post whatever I want on my blog… and somehow that defeats the purpose of the blog I feel… now I am in a dilemma… there’s some stuff that I want to write about but cannot for the fear that it will hurt someone… what am I supposed to do??

U r damned if you do… U r damned if you don’t…


  1. And if that 'someone' happens to be ur collegue, better go through the 'blogging policies' section in ur company policy manual :)

    I try my best not to write abt work/work-related stuff. It makes my job a lot easier.

    And JIC u do badly want to give a good slap at that person coz u were his target, then u can speak to him/her openly rather than write abt him/her in ur posts and hope that he/she would read and feel bad!

    What say? :)

  2. @ Soo --> Sometimes the issue ain't that bad that i have to talk to him directly... most of the time it just annoys me... and that's when i get these very good sentences in my mind that i feel like i have to write them down... :P and its not just abt work... its about everything :P

  3. umm.... i would strongly recommend you to write and write more coz its a way of getting the hardstuff out of u r life and gives u new air to breath my recomendation write ..and one things ..u hv a very beautiful way of thought which comes 2 u r mind and they move from u r hands thru fingure to make a sentence a GIFT i would say ..pls do keep it active and use it always ...Cheers !!!!!!!


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