Wednesday, January 7, 2009

East or West - Family is the best!

You know it’s at times like this that I love my family.

Just for the record, we are not one of those families who are used to PDA’s (for the people who do not know – Public Display of Affection). We only display our emotions and generally act like people from another era (read: who have not seen each other for ages even when we would have met each other only a few hours back!) when we are within the family. And that means just US! The Rajagriha and the SV Krishnamurthy families.

So the company that I work for is going through a trying phase (for people who are not aware check the business news). Actually we do not know what might happen. Anything can happen!

The two stalwarts from my family – my dad and my bro’ – both sent inspiring emails to cheer me up. Not that I am too worried. No one is actually. Well maybe some of them are… :-s… Anyways.

And these emails; even though I had seen them a hundred times before I still loved reading through them just because they had sent it.

Not to mention the smile that it brought on to my face! A huge one! :-)

I love my family! :-) :-) :-)


  1. Voila ! How did i miss that !
    Perhaps due to the highly infrequent use of the mail id, else I would hav not forgotten the part after '@' ! Anyways, no grass is going to change.. The ship will sail, and smooth it will be !

  2. @ Rat--> Hopefully it will... but this ship will set sail for another country :)... and hopefully it will be a smooth sail!!!


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