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My First Tag This New Year!!!

Ten things I want to say to people right now:

1. I love you Appa for the small small things that you do for me and I really admire you for the person you are! You are my HERO :)

2. I love you Amma for putting up with me the way I am … I know I did not turn out to be the best daughter but well.. I did try! And I still am trying! :)

3. I Love You for not just who you are but also for the person that I am when I am with you :)

4. I know I do not tell this often enough; in fact bordering more on never; but I LOVE YOU a lot and you are the best bro’ anyone could ever have gotten!

5. I am glad I met you and that you are all of those things to me that I always wished for in a person.

6. I cannot be smiling and cheerful always. I have my off-days too. But when I tell you that I am just silent ‘coz I want to be silent and that there’s nothing wrong with me or my life I want you to just leave it at that and let me be.

7. I will kick your ass and I will kick it bad. If you think that I am short and puny and weak then you think wrong!

8. I am extremely sorry for having hurt you and I really did not think what I was doing before I did it.

9. I know you think I don’t hate you but I am extremely sorry to tell you this; I don’t just hate you; I despise, abhor, detest, loathe, and look down upon you. But at the same time I feel sorry for the person you are. You have no life! And you are a sorry excuse for a human being.

10. I hate you for what you have done to me and changed me forever from the way I was to the way I am now.

Nine things about myself

1. I am a happy-go-lucky person but I have my off-days too.

2. I will be nice to you if you are nice to me. Don’t take me for a pushover or for granted.

3. I am possessive about my family, friends and things that I own (strictly in that order!). That does not mean that I am selfish or stingy. As long as you handle my things with utmost care I will be an angel.

4. I am a very naughty person and I love playing pranks on people

5. I love dancing and it’s my passion.

6. I get annoyed and I work extra hard if I think that you are competing with me. I do not like competition. But at the same time I love challenges.

7. I hate the skin that forms on top of milk and I will always strain it out whether I am drinking milk, tea or coffee even if I am at someone else’s place.

8. I have to read before I sleep. I cannot sleep unless I have read.

9. I like being with guys more than girls and that’s only because they are less complex than us.

Eight ways to win my heart

1. Give me my space and let me be the person I am

2. Encourage and motivate me without being sarcastic or pushy.

3. Take me on a long drive or a bike ride.

4. Listen to me ramble on and on and on abt anything and everything

5. Send me an SMS saying all romantic things.

6. Put your arm around my shoulder and let me sleep on your shoulder.

7. Let me lie down on your lap and read

8. Give me surprises that you know I’ll like…! (Fool-proof!)

Seven things that cross my mind a lot

1. Why do things have to change?

2. How the hell am I going to manage a family?

3. Why did I have to grow up?

4. Oh crap!

5. This too shall pass.

6. I hope nothing untoward happens

7. What the F**K?

Six things I wish I never did

1. Cut off my long hair when I was doing my graduation

2. Failed to soak in all the moments in my masters ‘coz I was busy doing something else.

3. Break someone’s heart

4. Lose touch with some people whom I swore I’d be friends for the rest of my life

5. Say something so blunt and sarcastic enough to watch that expression change on someone’s face

6. Tell lies to make things easier for myself

Five turn off's

1. Body-odor

2. Bad manners

3. Chauvinism

4. Eating like an uncouth barbarian

5. Smoking

Four turn on's

1. Hugs & the peck on the cheek when I am least expecting it.

2. Great attitude & Personality

3. Sensible, practical and brainy conversation filled with lots of anecdotes, trivia and humor.

4. Small surprises.

Three things I want before I die

1. Travel around the world

2. Have kids

3. Leave behind an impression with people that would make them smile (not laugh!) when they think of me.

Two smileys’ that describe me

1. :D

2. :P

One confession

1. There are times when I thought I was doing the right thing and have done things that have hurt people immensely. I just want to tell that I did not do them thinking that they would hurt anyone. I thought I could work it out and things would all be fine but I was mistaken. I am extremely sorry for what has happened.


  1. Phew.. thats some list !
    BTW, enthaa ee "Chauvinism". I have seen it multiple times on this screen, in the same font color and similar background color (okay, at the same URL :P) and I always involuntarily think about Gobi Manchurian. Am I way off ?!

  2. @ Rat --> Way way off....! I will give you a separate class on the subject and vent out all my fury on Male Chauvinists... also popularly known as MCP's...

  3. Dey pinnem... Chyavanaprasham!
    Give stick get beat :(


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