Monday, January 12, 2009

Exam fever and related tensions....

Right! So this is the third time that I am thinking of starting to write a blog and then giving up.

This time I shall go ahead! (Yay for that!)

You know those small butterflies that flit around in your tummy before you give an exam… I got them today after a long time… and this time they were the size of dinosaurs! Giving an exam after the lure of easy money is definitely not that simple. And add to that the fact that you are giving an exam after the space of nearly 2 years makes it even more complicated. Ask people who have had to get back to studies after working for a while if you do not believe me!

Anyways, so I gave this certification exam today. It’s called ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). Basically a certification that’s supposed to add value to your resume and your profile.

Good stuff I thought and I went ahead and registered for the same. Do you know how hard it is to get back to studies after a span of almost 2 years? It’s nerve-wracking! Trust me; I do not know what happened to me… I have never studied for an exam like this… not even for my Masters.

That sense of restlessness and unease was totally inexperienced so far. I spent the entire weekend studying for an objective paper that is supposed to be relatively easy. I do not know whether it was the fact that I was paying for the exam this time out of my hard-earned money or the fact that I would lose face in front of my colleagues (a couple of them gave it along with me) if I failed. I was so goddamn edgy! I was like a nervous wreck! Either ways, I studied like I would put the biggest nerd in the world to shame!! And the worst part was when I went to go over a paper with my colleagues who were giving the exam too… Killed my confidence and shredded it to bits! :-(

But anyways…

I passed! :-) …. The relief!

The sense of liberation!

It was all over-whelming!

And I am still in that euphoria! (Yay to me!!)

PS: apparently some people have weird ways of expressing their tensions... I was enlightened by my colleague on this... He said he goes rumbley-tumbley in the tummy when he gets tensed... And some others keep smiling away like they are mental...! While a few others... (this beats it!) they Sleep! I'd love that kind of a tension release! :P

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  1. :-)) The PS bit was humorously nutty :D
    Kudos on clearing the test. One more line in resume, is worth all the extinct animals that trouble you during your exam days :D


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