Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SA-RO-JA review...!

I saw this movie called SA-RO-JA yesterday.

I don’t know what to term it as… Comedy, Drama, Suspense, Adventure…. It’s a mélange of all this… Nice movie to boot…

The way it’s been shot is very interesting… for the first half hour you question yourself as to what’s the whole point …. It’s all different threads that get weaved extremely well in a classy way too… the actors are all new faces (at least to me!) save a few like Prakash Raj, Jayaram, S.P.Charan …. Which brings me to the fact that Charan did a great job… I liked him the best of the lot… :-)

The storyline was nothing new but the way it was shot made the movie worthwhile… and without doubt it’s one of the best movies made recently in Tamil.

I want to watch the original English movie too – heard it’s based on ‘Judgment Night’ or something like that!

But SA-RO-JA was so totally worth it…! :-)

Good acting by everyone, a gripping storyline the premise of which was a little weak but was depicted well and brilliant comedy. Seriously! The fact that the movie managed to pull off comedy dialogues in the midst of the most serious of scenes was amazing! Not all movies are able to pull that off. Add to it the fact that it was shot quite realistically instead of any sort of matrix-like action or unbelievable scenes was a good thing! I think that’s what worked for the movie.

In my opinion…. Don’t miss this! It’s a good watch!


  1. Is the movie really named "SA-RO-JA" ? My tryst with musical notes is a lil bad, but the title took me to those lines..

  2. @ Rat--> that's how the title was written...! but watch it in any case.


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