Friday, April 4, 2008

Rendezvous with Telugu... :-)

I had written in my blog earlier about my tryst with Telugu Desam and the people here… In a bid to learn the language, quickly and efficiently, I have resorted to watching Telugu movies… (Some of them are so corny that it would sure make up for another post…but first things first!!!)…

Of course when you all of a sudden start watching Telugu movies, you are greeted with skeptic amusement from all quarters, more so from your friends forget anyone else… there are then such a lot of chitchat flying around like “she might have gotten a Telugu boyfriend”, “trying to show off – the stupid #%@^”, “there should be a reason as to why she is suddenly so interested in Telugu… hmm!!”

Forget all that, the best part was, it was not as difficult as I thought it would be to understand the dialogues, as many of the words are common to Tamil, so I kind of started quite enjoying it and showing off my command over Telugu-in-bits-and-pieces …. And soon I could quite follow what people were talking about when we started going for “those famous tea-breaks” … good for me!

Recently, I was watching this Telugu movie – Bommarillu (starring the infamous “Boys” pair – Siddharth and Genelia) – the movie was quite interesting and I was engrossed in it, when my cook came rushing out of the kitchen listening to the dialogues and squealed… “Bommarillu… neeku Telugu thelusa??” … and me in a bid to show off said “koncha koncha thelusu… :-)”…. She went berserk saying “Oh god..!!”And holding her hands up to her mouth… for a minute I was a little stunned… I did not know me spouting out my barely-can-manage-Telugu would evoke such a response from her… I got a little scared as well… I quickly shifted to Hindi and told her I was still learning..! Whew!!

But on the note of movies – you should watch this movie called “Happy Days” which is about this set of engineering students who deal with their 4 years in an Engineering college… last I heard it was dubbed in Malayalam which was getting quite a good response from audiences…. It’s a Must-Watch movie… one movie where we would find it easy to identify with the stuff happening … :-) we would’ve been guilty of it sometime or other in college… :P

So that is my rendezvous with Telugu …. Still going on quite strong… :-) Have moved on to the all more important sentences – “I am hungry”… “I am sleepy” … “I want to go home” … and the best of all “antha scene lethu ;-)” …. :-) --> used very religiously in office with teammates… !!! heheheheh…


  1. cheluvina malthenu kuchko

    (that shud keep u occupied for 2 day!)

  2. @ RAT --> okiez.. wats that supposed to mean?? :-S...

    neeku telugu thelusa?? naaku ardhamalethu...

    puriyara bashela pesaraya pls...

    njan ippo telugu padichu varunnathe ullooo...


  3. kollaam !
    5 lines...
    oronnum oro faasha !
    last line maathram spelling mistake illaathe eyuthiyittundu :-P

    Coming to 'what it means', thats why the great man (thats me) has given you 2 days ;-)

  4. @ RAT --> when u said 2 day i thot u just meant one day.. :P okie shall find out what that means...!! and there was no spelling mistae anywhere in the previous comment.. :)


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