Anyone who says sunshine is happiness has never danced in the rain…

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It rained today morning here in Hyderabad. And it was amazing!

A shower during the scorching heat of summer, pitter-patter drops on the roof, the smell of rain soaked earth, hot tea, and a book! What more does one need? :-)

Today morning’s rains were a welcome shower… they reduced this sweltering temperature to something a lot more bearable than anything else… it was such a relief to see the drops of water falling on the ground and the parched earth soaking it up… it washed off the dryness in the weather and the whole area was left looking like Mother Nature had just given it a bath… all freshened up and revived from the stagnating heat… it looked green, lush and bright…
I sound like a poet huh :-)… but what the heck!??! Rain does that to me… ;-)

I don’t like the rains so much when I am getting ready to go out somewhere, or when there’s something planned… (Duh – I am sure no one does!) Any other time, be it inside or outside; I love the rains… it’s such a good feeling to just soak up the drops and let them flow freely… It’s such a pleasure to dance in the rain… it’s such a delight to watch Mother Nature weave her magic around the surroundings!!!

It’s like a cleansing procedure huh… all washing and cleaning away the muck and dirt from the environment… a purification of the sins of dirtying the place… a decontamination of the infected mind…

And I can’t figure out why I am writing like this...



Anyone who says sunshine is happiness has never danced in the rain…


  1. Rain! muddy bike, cloth drying problem, pwr outage, traffic jams, cold n fever!
    But then, good night's sleeps, less electricity bill :) , rain-ridings, hot cuppa tea, rainbow!, and lazy mornings. :-)
    But unlike hometown, we dont get to see full-week or at least full-day non-stop rains. That would have been fun!

  2. @ RAT --> :).. rains are always fun!