The name is Rajinikanth!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I read this book recently titled – “The name is Rajinikanth.”

It takes you through the life of the man, his upcoming, his entry into the world of cinema et al… The story is nothing unusual… it’s the well known story of rags to riches… it’s also a story of hard work, determination and an attitude to boot…

What’s termed as style when you speak about Rajini is actually his attitude… which is what is being portrayed in the book…

When you think about Rajinikanth, there are a lot of things that come to mind, a lot of those things that made him a favorite with the masses, a lot of those things that they public emulate him for, a lot of those things that are so normal that you wonder why no one else is able to carry them off with that much of panache and élan. Some punch dialogues thrown in here and there, the flicking of the cigar up in the air, the walk and talk, what’s so unusual about all this that makes people go crazy after him, swoon over him and hold him high on a pedestal…

Is it the fact that the masses identify with his appearance and looks?? Is it that people are in awe of the fact that in spite of being so successful he is so humble and unassuming?? Or is the fact that his story is something that’ll inspire every aspiring actor in the country to give it a shot??

When you go to watch a Rajini movie, its best to leave your logic, reasoning and practicality at home! There’s no point trying to interpret how something in that movie could’ve happened… it happened because it’s a Rajini movie… and anything can happen in a Rajini movie. :P that’s the fun of it!! ;-) There was this funny list that was being populated all around the net world as to what all Rajini can do.. And what can happen because of him!! And this is apart from all the funny forwards about how Newton saw Rajini movies and gave up physics…

But all said and done, Rajini is Rajini and no one else can take his place in that position… His Padayappa, Baasha, Thillu Mullu, Annamalai, Arunachalam, Muthu,… everything is a favorite with all people, age, size and status don’t matter!!!

The name is after all RAJINIKANTH.

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  1. Rajni as a human has caught my attention, but never ever did the actor come any close to my door. No other person would give a public appearance of any short in his bald un-made-up not-so-photogenic stylo!