Saturday, June 25, 2011

The 10-day Challenge: Day 1 - Ten Secrets!

I came across this on Preetis blog.
The 10-day challenge post! To write 10 secrets, 9 loves, 8 fears, 7 wants, 6 places, 5 foods, 4 books, 3 films, 2 songs, and 1 picture of yourself! 
Need I say more? Its going to make sure I blog regularly for 10 days, albeit about myself (but then who doesnt like talking about themselves ;-) ) win-win situation for me if you look at it! ;-)
So without much further ado
Well... not so much secrets as random facts! But what the heck! Any reason to blog especially now that blog rank has taken a huge dive!! Here we go!
1.     I dont like the skin that forms on the top of milk. Or any beverage that uses milk. I loathe it. It makes me want to puke.
2.     I hate lizards. I am petrified if they are anywhere in the room. I am constantly on alert if I catch sight of them anywhere and I will not be at peace until the lizard leaves the room or I do. In most cases, the lizard wins and I leave the room! Bah!
3.     I used to be a big crybaby when I was a kid. Actually well into my teens. I used to cry at the drop of a hat for the slightest of things. I remember when I was about 8 or so, I went crying to my grand mom saying that the uncle in the opposite flat kept on looking at me. Yes! You can feel sorry for the sissy I was!
4.     I read the same books over and again. Yes! More than twice actually. I have read all the books that I own including the Twilight and the Harry Potter series at least 5-6 times. I have lost count of how many times I have read the Godfather. I also read some blogs over and again! Even Archie comics!
5.     I sometimes have crushes on literary characters. For the longest time ever, I had a huge crush on Michael Corleone. I absolutely adored him! The cold, calculating personality and that bad-ass attitude made me go weak in the knees every time I read Godfather! Also Sirius Black, from Harry Potter! The rebellious nature, no doubt!
6.     I used to write diaries when I was a teenager. About my take on life, crushes, people who annoyed me, curses, everything that I wanted to! And I was highly secretive about it. I kept them in a locked suitcase and I hid the key in a different hiding place every time. Until I forgot where I hid it. And then I had to break open the lock! Sigh!
7.     I have a fixed routine in the way I do things! Anything for that matter! I think I get that from my dad! And I always try to do it the same way possible if the first time proved lucky in some way. Like wear the same earrings, use the same route, etc! Superstitious or Super Predictable. Take your pick!
8.     I am a creature of habit. And I find it hard to change. I order the same hot chocolate from the same café in office, hot chocolate in the mornings, and cappuccino in the afternoons with strawberry cheesecake. So much so that whenever I go to the café, they now know my order by heart. I have been having that for the past 4 months now. Every single weekday! And the same combination for lunch on most days! Yes! I should get a life! I know!
9.     I read in the bathroom. I HAVE TO have something to read in the loo. If by chance I dont have anything to read then I end up reading the instructions, ingredients etc on the back of the shampoos and soaps.
10.   I cannot eat or drink when I am sleepy. I lose interest in food and drink when I feel sleepy. Weird I know! But I just cant eat when that happens. Probably sleep takes a higher priority over food. :P
There you go! 10 secrets / random facts about me!
Coming up tomorrow  day 2 NINE LOVES!! 


  1. Well everyone hates Lizards...tell something new....good to read all those secrets :D

  2. Interesting list with lots of things I can relate to. I used to write diaries too, I read books over and over again (I think I can recite Wuthering Heights and Gone with the Wind), I was (and probably still am) a crybaby...and as for literary crushes, believe it or not, I had a crush on Peter Pan when I was 8. So go ahead, judge away!


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