Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Ten Day Challenge: Day 2 - Nine Loves!

So the 10-day challenge turned out to be a downer eh! I am sure thats what you all are thinking! She just says these things and never gets around to doing it. Ha! Heres where you guys are mistaken! This time I have a valid excuse! No internet at home. And I cant type blogs like these on my phone however smart it is! Its a big pain!
We painted our house over the weekend. And thats a story for a separate post. Suffice to say, house looks like a tambrahm wedding card!
So getting on with the ten-day challenge!
To make up for the lost time... Lets get started shall we
Day 2 Ten day challenge NINE LOVES
1.     My Family of course this goes without saying.
2.     Friends Some of them are absolute gems! Some know exactly what to say to bring a smile on my face. Some know when to stop talking and when just to let me rant and rave. Some are the ones that I call on at any given point of day and night and they would still be there for me. And yes! These lists overlap.. much like the Venn Diagrams! :P
3.     Dance This is something that I cant imagine my life without. Its my passion, its my way of expressing feelings, its my way of communicating, and its always a part of me
4.     Books Another thing that I cannot live without! Give me a book; you have a happy me!
5.     Holidays especially ones that are to back home! I love visiting my home after a while, going to each nook and corner, seeing what has changed and whether my stuff is still in the same place etc yes much like a dog you could say! New destinations, forest treks, adventure sports, bring it on!
6.     Massages and spa treatments Ah! Bliss! Who doesnt love a bit of pampering!!! I wouldnt say no to a spa package!! The luxury!!
7.     Me-time! I love having some me-time once in a while too. Doing my own thing. At my own pace. Indulging in whatever I feel like. I sometimes like to be alone and by myself. And I love that time that I get! Just for me! All mine!
8.     I love having a job! I have already written about my sentiments on that here and here. So well no more on that eh! I also love the smell of books, petrol, fresh paint, turpentine, kerosene, the fog that lingers after bursting crackers, the smell of the earth when it rains yes, I know! Its a long list, but I had to say it!
9.     I love learning new things, be it dance, or some tool at work, or even a new hobby! Something that interests me, I love getting to know a lot more about it! Call it curiosity or pigheadedness.
That sums up day 2. Onto day 3 Eight fears!

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