Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Ten Day Challenge: Day 3 - Eight Fears!

Onto day 3 of the challenge (Okie! Its day 5!! I know! You dont have to point it out again saying I missed 2 days! Hmmppff!!)

Anyways day 3 of the ten day challenge is to write about EIGHT FEARS
You know, I wish I could be all brave and mighty and say that I fear nothing. But unfortunately thats not the case. I would love for it to be, but never mind!
Fear 1: Losing my family or something happening to any of them! I constantly am scared of this, but I tend to keep a low profile about it.
Fear 2: I will say this yet again. FEAR OF LIZARDS. Also add irritation and annoyance and exasperation at seeing one of those slimy creatures. BLEH!! Scoliodentosaurophobia thats what it is called. I just found out. And the very word sounds bad-ass scary! And I am not even sure if its true! Closest that I came to was Herpetaphobia which is fear of reptiles. Mine is only lizards so well Enough on this, really!
Fear 3: Water above my head! No I dont have a name for this. Its not exactly fear of water but just water going above my nose level, to be very specific. I tend to get a little disoriented in water. Even less steady than I am on ground.
Fear 4: I am highly terrified about not being able to dance anymore at any point in my life. How or why and all that I dont know! Its an irrational fear, alright!
Fear 5: Losing friendships / relationships. I dont think anybody likes this. But seriously, I have lost a lot of friends, people I thought were on my same wavelength and then something happens that ends up in breaking off I have written about this here.
Fear 6: No money! Yep! I am always scared that I will become bankrupt. Financially insecure. Not that I am doing a lot to make myself secure now! But its a fear!

Tomorrow Day 4 Seven wants!

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