Monday, October 13, 2008

Royalty... I don't think so!!

There was this article in yesterday’s newspaper (in one of the supplements). The highlight of the article was on the below mentioned point;

› The preferential treatment that is given to politicians these days

People are being made to wait at various places – on the roads, in malls, pulled to the side of the road, near the signals – when one of these ‘high-level people’ pass by. One of them going on a jaunt to someplace within the city means discomfort and irritation to hundreds of others. For all you know, there might be someone within that crowd that’s being made to wait who has some important issue to attend to. And the way they pull people off the roads to make a clear way for these ‘people’ are just inhuman. Why do these people deserve preferential treatment? Because they are the high-level people who govern the state or the country for us? Or because they have to get to someplace in a hurry to have a drink or attend some party or something that’s more important than the hundreds of people who throng the roads to get to their homes after a hard days’ work, to meet their loved ones?? Or is it because we elected them to run our country for us???

I really don’t understand! They come to us asking us to treat them like the common man, our neighbor, our friend who wants to share in our troubles, but once they get what they want, then the common man tag just vanishes is it??


At the end of the day they are also human like us right… I mean, if you probably prick both of us with a needle, blood is going to come out right… and the same red blood!?!? Or is theirs’ going to be purple in color or something??? How come they do not have to bother about queues, traffic jams, etc when the same people who voted them in are the ones suffering the brunt??

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