Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Little Bo Peep

She was a little girl.
She liked dolls. She enjoyed playing house. She loved to dress up in her mom’s saris, jewellery, put on makeup and feel as though she was all grown up.
She loved reading. She loved the way her imagination took over her and transported her to a fantasy land where everything had a happy ending.
She loved dancing. She loved the way her feet were steady when she tiptoed on them and the way they willingly bided her wishes.
She loved music. She loved the way the wind whispered in her ears and gave her music along with the trees and the rivers.
She loved being with people. She loved talking.
She loved being the cynosure of all eyes.She never judged people and trusted all and sundry.
She believed that all people were good and that everyone was nice and sweet and that no one would hurt anyone.
And then… She grew up!!

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