Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mardi Gras baby, Mardi Gras!! - Day 15 of the 100 Happy Days Challenge!! :) :)

So day 15 is a day late on this space… but there is a good reason for it. :D :D I was at my office Annual Dinner and Dance event.. :) :) And I came back late… so no time to post..

Anyways, the point being, it was my first ever Annual Dinner and Dance from any organization that I ever worked for…. And I was super excited and thrilled to go to one!

And such a lot of fun it was! I even won a shopping voucher in the lucky draw (yay!!) …

Lots of pictures were clicked, lots of fun was had, lots of laughter was heard, lots of letting the hair loose happened, and lots of super-duper excitement for the night… :) :)

All I had energy to do once I came back was change and pop into bed…  

Here’s the daily shot pic for you.. [The pic was posted to INSTAGRAM under my handle yesterday itself) ... So I didn’t exactly deviate from the challenge you see ;) ]

Nails. CHECK. Glittery Sandals. CHECK. Beads. CHECK. Mask. CHECK. Vivid Colors. CHECK.


“That was the point of Mardi Gras, was it not?
To serve and honor all the people,
To bring into hard lives a touch of royalty and grandeur...
To put on a spectacle such as this, free of charge, was an honor.
― Dan Baum

This is just a pic clicked from the office decorations!!!
Just to let you know, my mask was silver ;) my beads were gold and silver and my dress was blue… :) :)

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