Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A post that is as random as random gets!!

Yoo-hoo Anyone around??
Sigh! I thought as much! Hmmppff..!
Come back! Come back! See I have put up a post.. ...
This is the worst case of bloggers block youll ever see.. Me that is! I have no ideas in mind, nothing eventful to share, no news at all.. Blank! Zilch! Totally clean slate here!!
Ah yes! You might ask now why I called you all back saying I have put up a post..
Err..! Would it be very cheesy if I said that I missed blogging despite not having one single thing to write about yep! I can see you nodding yes!!
By the way, just to remind you all, my blog turned 5 on Sep 10.
Yes! That was a couple of days back and yes I missed it! No need to point that out to me.. I feel guilty as it is!
You know every time September rolls around; I know that one of the dates in there is my blogs birth date (exactly as cheesy as it sounds) and I always miss it. And I always have to figure out whether I am putting up the right number of years. I end up doing all sorts of weird calculations. I was not so sure whether this year my blog turned 5 or 6. Well, I was never really good at math anyways!!
In other news here, I bought a new phone. Technically, my husband bought it for me. Its Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and no sooner than I had bought it, I had to give it for servicing.. For some strange reason, the screen kept popping out. But now I have gotten it back after servicing and alls well for now! Fingers crossed
I also went to a couple of book sales here and realized that I hate book sales. Point to be noted, I love books but I hate book sales. The whole concept of hundreds of books just lying there in cardboard containers while people rummage through them is so not my scene. For one Claustrophobia!! Yes! Too many people milling around for you to have a peaceful look through. Nope! Not my cup of tea at all. The one book sale that I thought I might find something good turned out to be an event that was more crowded than the Kumbh Mela. Not that I have been to the Kumbh Mela, but you get the drift!! There was one single queue to bill the books at 4 different counters and that one queue was like a mile long, with loops in concentric circles. Yes! I am not kidding!! Its exactly as complicated as it sounds. I scooted from there as soon as I could find my way out. Phew! Too crowded! I hate crowds! Id much rather go to a nice book store and pay a little bit extra but find the book I want in a peaceful place.
Oh! And I saw that movie Mankatha. Interesting concept! I could not figure out where the heck the movie was heading until the last scene. Which by then was the whole clue to the puzzle types. Ajith is literally in full form and all over the movie, what with this being his 50th movie! He looks good in that salt n pepper get up! Good movie! Or at least worth a onetime watch! That also reminds me, I saw two good Malayalam movies Salt N Pepper and Chappa Kurishu! Malayalam cinema seems to be testing unchartered waters Chappa Kurishu is one helluva movie!
Right! So thats the most random post that you will have read in recent times! So now you know that I was not kidding about my bloggers block! I am honest about such things, if not anything else! ;-)
So with that ladies and gentlemen, I take your leave for the moment
I shall be back soon famous last words!! :P :P

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