Friday, January 29, 2010

Friendships, me and the like....

A friend of mine wrote a while back about 'friendships going sour'. I could totally identify with it. I mean I am sure all of us or rather most of us have been in that awkward situation caused by something or someone where you don’t know what else to say, or to just walk away… you don’t know what to say that would make it right again, and somewhere you are even sure that things will never ever be the same again. If you have not been in such a situation, then lucky you!

Me – I have been in those situations a lot of times… Some of them have been for no fault of mine, and some of them were because we both saw separate roads and chose to take them… and few for maybe some fault of mine… and even fewer for reasons I still cannot fathom… but they have all had one thing in common. They have all led me to doubt myself at various points in time, wondering if something is the reason with me that stuff like this keeps happening… Of course the hurt too! In some cases!

For all my life, I had thought that friendships happen because of the wavelength-match between two people. In most cases I still do! But in some of the afore-mentioned cases, there have been weird conditions/causes due to which the so-called friendships did not work out. And it’s in those ones where the fault is for no reason of yours that it hurts the most.

But now when I think about most of them, especially the ones that hurt me the most, I find them funny. The reasons said and discussed then, the fights over things that seem so trivial now, and some are not even worth being said or discussed. And I wonder, how my life would have been if those people had still been friends with me. And some of them were people that I thought would turn out to be my best friends. I really did! I mean, at one point of time, we were so close that Damon and Pythias would have had a complex. And then shit happens! But either ways, I guess, things that happen, happen for a good. -I have come to a point in my life where I’ve realized who matters, who never did, and most importantly who doesn't anymore. And I'm not sad.

I thought I lost quite a lot of friends during the past few years, but then, thankfully, I have gotten back in touch with some of them recently enough and the rest of whatever happened seems to be a thing of the past! And I am really very glad about it. Some of those people were absolute gems! :-) I missed them when we were not in touch!

And I have people in my life right now, who not even in my wildest dreams I thought I would be best friends with, who are so close to me in one way or the other that without them, something seems to be missing! Thank god for you guys! :-)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Then and now...

Sometimes I think back about the past and wonder... Where are all those people that I was once friends with? The ones that I met during my course of college, school, clubs and get-togethers... the ones with whom I vowed that we would always be friends no matter what happens and wherever life takes us... 

I am one of the lousiest persons in the world when it comes to keeping in touch. I do! With very few people. On a regular basis. The others, well.. I lose contact within a couple of years... yeah! call me mean hearted and whatever, but that's the way I have been! Admittedly I am a lot better now! Getting back in touch with old classmates and people whom I thought had vanished off the face of this earth, thanks to networking sites like orkut, facebook, linkedin etc.. I at least scrap them or post a msg or a comment on their snaps or something to make my presence felt. 

But thoughts about those people whom I grew up with cross my mind a lot. 

Like, the "ettans" of the colony that I lived in until my tenth... Wonder what happened to that big gang, how many are married and have kids, where they all are now? Would they remember me from that scrawny girl that I used to be riding my cycle at breakneck speed through the rocky colony road and getting scolded... Do they still meet up for old times' sake?

Or the girls in my graduation college that I used to perform all the dances with... The dance gang as we used to be called... I met one of them when I was working in Hyderabad. We were in touch for say, 2 weeks, and then whoosh! Gone! I tried calling, she did not respond. Well whatever...

The guys at the Rotaract club who used to crack us up with their dumb pj's and stupid expressions... 

The girl from school who told me that 'she could not be my friend 'coz she was already friends with this other girl who did not like her being friends with anyone else'...

The instructors who taught us 'tableau' and 'drama' for those school competitions... 

The guys from the rival gang at CBE who used to constantly irritate us with stupid comments...

The girls in my class at school... the ones with whom I used to have lunch with everyday... 

I did try and find a lot of them very recently through facebook and orkut etc.. And of course I hear about a lot of others who are not on these sites from the ones I got back in touch with... Man! Have things changed? Have people changed through the years? :-)

This girl who was one of the best dancers when I was in school (my senior), now is of course happily married with a cute boy baby. I wonder if she still dances! Or whether her husband knows and appreciates the fact that his wife was once an award winning performer.

Classmates of mine, some who have not changed a lot... some who have lost/put on weight, have become more hep and trendy than I remember them to be... Really... girls I never expected to see wearing jeans and kurtas are now dressing up in skirts and jeans and t-shirts... quite an unexpected change, all for the good.. :-)

Its funny how much has changed from back then till now... 

But I guess, that's life! :-)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Stuck in the rut...

One of my 'New Year' resolutions is to blog more and blog regularly. That one I did not write for obvious reasons. But now, I think of it and its been a fortnight since New Years and I have just posted twice. Quite disappointing if I say so myself... 

It crosses my mind at least a couple of times a day that I should blog today but then, something turns up, or I am not in the mood, or worse still, I don't know what to blog about. Really, that's something that annoys me... What do I blog about next? 

Of course there are a lot of mundane topics, you know... like movie reviews, or what we did last weekend, the trip to Phuket and Phi Phi islands... (Next time, its gonna be Krabi... cant wait to do some rock climbing..), how I spend my time here etc etc... 

But they all seem so boring... 

God, I just hope I find something interesting to blog about soon...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Some pics from the vacation at Phuket.

These are the pics that I shot... :D :D

Yes I am narcissistic that way... My Blog... My Pics....

Shot of the sunset from the flight to Phuket

The Sleeping Buddha 

Shot of a cave on the way to James Bond Island

The fishing village next to James Bond Island

Phi Phi Island

The long delayed 2009 recap and the New Year post...

Yes it's long delayed. I have been meaning to post something about the year that passed us by and the upcoming year. But then I did not find time before we rushed to our New Year trip to Phuket and Phi Phi islands in Thailand (I am gonna rub this in quite a lot of times before the post comes to an end :-) ) and then after we came back, i was not quite in the mood to blog. Vacation hangover and all that you see! :)

But yeah, going ahead with the post... 

2009 for me was a year of changes. Some big ones (where I got married and moved to Singapore), some not-so-big but then still big enough for me ones (I quit my job and still waiting to find another one!). 

2009 started with a bang. Nice new years party at a colleagues place, chatting late into night etc etc, usual stuff. And then bang into the next week and our company is in deep shit. Along with it all our jobs too. Yes! Before you confirm, I was working for Satyam. 

And then the following months until I quit were full of confusion and rumors and all sorts of funny stories flying around. It was almost like being in a melodramatic film only that we were the characters. April I quit my job, moved bag and baggage to hometown and waited for a month to get married. Quite a bad month that was, not in terms of waiting but in terms of health. Then came May, I got married, moved here and set up a home here. Started experimenting with food and the like. (I can hear those sighs of sympathy for my hubby!) 

And so went on the rest of 2009. 

Now lets get to 2010. Yippee...

New year always fills me with excitement. The start of something new and the beginning of another year. Makes me feel like I want to start a lot of things, learn a lot etc etc...

We brought in 2010 at Phuket-Thailand. A pleasure trip with close friends and a helluva vacation. Had a wonderful time. Also the beach gets you to start contemplating. About the year that passed by. Flashes of things that happened. 

2009 was the year 

- that I got married. 
- quit my job
- got back in touch with a lot of old friends, classmates and some people I had given up hope of finding.
- had a great trip to India after marriage.
- visited Tirupathy and Kalahasti. 
- met a lot of new people, made friends with a few and learnt that its not that easy to hold onto friendships that you take granted for. 
- learnt that the older you get, the harder it is to find people matching your wavelength
- got interested in cocktails and cooking

And now in 2010, I want to start doing atleast a few of these things like,

- finish a couple of pending certifications
- become an excellent cook
- learn bar tending or at the very least mixing proper cocktails
- visit new places
- learn photography. I realized am quite ok at it and want to get better at it :)
- learn new types of dance 
- start incorporating photos into blog posts.

and the list goes on.......

So that was my long delayed post. 

Happy New Year to all of you :)

Hope you have a wonderful year ahead filled with good health, cheer and a whole lot of happiness.

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