Saturday, August 28, 2010

If only there was.....

She looked at his fast receding back and wished she had not uttered those words…
If only there was a way to take them back…
Her glance fell on the photo frame.
The happy smiles on the faces in the photo reminded her of another time when she was young, carefree and there was nothing but love in her world.
If only there was a way to relive those moments again…
The mail icon beeped indicating a new message.
Her best friend was getting married. And it was all of a sudden.  
She wished she could go. But she was so far away and now it was too late to make other plans
If only there was an easier way…
She held his hand. Felt his pulse weaken as life ebbed away from him. It was so unfair. He was young and he should have had a long healthy life. There was so much he had not seen and so much he had not done! He loved his life. He wanted to live.
If only …..
“Have you ever wished life had a rewind button? No, not only because of regrets, simply to enjoy those moments you cherished just one more time!!” – Author Unknown

I have! Lots of times!

Time travel or a time machine has always been a concept that has fascinated me. Not fascinated me to the extent that I want to build one … but fascinating in the sense that it offers so many possibilities.

How many times have we wished that we could back something that we said, undo something that we did, be with dear and near ones when there is a happening in the family, and relive moments that were happy and memorable?

There are times when I have wished that I could take back some of the words that I uttered, undo some incidents and make sure there was a better way to handle the awkward moments, be with my family and folks when there was a happening / festive occasion instead of listening to the details over the phone, relive some of the most happiest moments in life ….

“If only” is a constant phrase in my life! If only I had not said that, if only I had done this instead of that, if only I had not missed it….

Yes! I know messing with the fabric of time is not a good thing. In fact it will lead to dangerous consequences if not handled properly or if it falls into the wrong hands.

But if used effectively, imagine the possibilities it could offer!!

I for one would be the happiest to know that I could live a life without any regrets! Of course, now I know you’re going to say that, it’s from regrets and mistakes that you learn about life, relationships and the value of it. It’s something that I keep saying too. And I know it’s true!! But for once, imagining a life where you could go back in time, undo some stuff, do things a bit differently, and be there when it counts, actually feels quite alluring!!

Well it does not cost anything to dream of it right…!!


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For the love of Music!!

This has been a long pending blog post. I have wanted to write about this for a long time on and coincidentally reading about the ‘almost-same’ topic on a junior’s blog has just spurred me on.

Music! Beats! Rhythm! Songs! Lyrics!

I am sure all of us have been exposed to it in some way or the other... I am sure all of us like it in some form or the other. There are some songs that I hold close to my heart. They transport me to another world, a nostalgic world where memories of another time come into mind involuntarily.

Like classical music or devotional sings for instance! As far back as I can remember, the mornings in my home have always been a medley of devotional / classical songs played on the stereo, sometimes on television with the accompanying images of some beautiful temple and the morning rituals there. It’s from those numerous songs that I learnt the itty-bitty knowledge I have of ragas, sruthi and other musical nuances.

Some songs, I started listening to purely because of some singers. Not that I had not heard these songs before. And not that I did not like them. I liked them a fair amount. But some of these songs, when I have heard other people sing them, like friends at some school / college function, or people participating in some reality show on tv, or even somebody just humming it at some get-together ….

‘Malargale Malargale’ a song from a Tamil movie, and ‘Chaand taare’ from ‘Yes boss’ in Hindi have been my absolute favorites ever since I heard this classmate of mine – Vidhyashankar (yes! He was a participant in Idea Star Singer on Asianet!) – sing it the one time in college. As is the case with, ‘Ganeshaya deemahi’ from the album ‘Vishwa Vinayak’. He sang it as a prayer for one of the college functions and ever since then that song has been one of my all time favorites. It takes me back to a time when life was simpler, and the sole concerns were passing exams, getting a job and staying out of trouble. There have been lots of other songs like ‘Khalbali – Rang de Basanti’, ‘Tumse Milke – Parinda’, ‘Dilbar Mere Kab Tak Mujhe’ that have been sung on reality shows, some songs for which the dance choreography was brilliant and some for which just the simple lyrics have won me over!!

For me, music has always been synonymous with dance. I am positive I have mentioned this at least a couple of times in earlier posts, but when I listen to a song, the first thing that pops into my head how can this be choreographed. What steps can be put for the beats, what emotions can be portrayed for the feel or lyrics!!

To me, music and dance go hand in hand. They are inseparable to me!! They are one entity as much as I am concerned and without them life is nothing to me!!

That’s the way it has been so far and that’s the way I am sure it will be forever! :-)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shoo Shoe !!

I bought myself a pair of shoes recently. Formal cum Casual shoes. Pair of nice black slip-ons with a nice little design near the toes and a small heel. :-)

Ones that go with anything. Or so I thought.

The sales lady was very enthusiastic about me picking it up… she was gushing about how nice they looked on my feet and how they go with all dresses and how cute they were!! And chump that I was for compliments and flattery I bought it!! It was on sale too so that added to my reasons for justifying the purchase. :P

The shoes did look good on my feet. They are KILLER shoes…

And I mean it literally… My feet are now almost DEAD…

Ever watched that episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S – the one with Monica’s Boots!! ??

I empathize with her now!! The shoes literally drank my blood and gnawed at my skin like they were from some alien shoe world and they were craving for human flesh and blood. I was limping about, making “ooohhh…aaahhh…ouch!” noises every few steps that I took… more like a walking talking advertisement for the pain balm... At some point, I swear I heard my toes crying out loud!! I need new toes now!!

This is by far the worst case of shoe-bite that I have ever had… my feet feel like they have been scrunched up much like the way in some customs the women tie up their feet so that they have tiny and dainty feet.

Only in my case if this goes on I will have no feet.

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