Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am sorry... But I just had to do this!!! :-)

And before you can say anything... I am doing another TAG... i again picked this one up... but there was an open invitation on the blog that i found this on to do this tag... so since I am a good obedient girl... I listened to him! :-)

I am: who I am… [Yeah I know it sounds like one of those sports shoes’ ads… but well... can’t help it ;-)]
I think: very less … [it’s kinda unfamiliar territory… :P]
I know: what I want from life
I want: to live life on my terms…
I have: a very short-temper…
I wish: I could undo the mistakes that I have done..
I hate: hypocrisy
I miss: people very rarely…
I fear: being a burden to anyone and losing the person that I am…
I feel: ridiculously happy sometimes for no reason at all… [Yeah... it’s spooky even for myself..]
I hear: whatever is required to be heard ... [yeah... it’s almost like I have filters in my ears!!]
I smell: coffee… [Yup.. there’s a cup next to me right now!]
I crave: actually for nothing right now!!!
I search: for the person I am… [Every time I think I have found myself and I know who I am then I get another revelation abt myself…]
I wonder: why people unnecessarily complicate things
I regret: nothing … [I believe to have learnt from whatever I have done/committed… yup.. I know it sounds clich├ęd but that’s the truth..]
I love: life!
I ache: when I get judged wrong…
I care: about myself first and others next... [Yeah.. it sounds arrogant I know... But I believe that only if you are happy you can make others happy...]
I am not: the usual kinda girl you’ll come across and more likely than anything, you’ll hate me at first ….
I believe: that I can do whatever I set my mind to…
I dance: whenever I am feeling low.. [it’s like therapy]
I sing: when I am in a happy carefree mood… which is a lot of times … [I am a HORRIBLE singer…]
I cry: a lot… though not too often these days… [it just takes a frown or a look from the people I love to bring out those ganga-jal type of never ending rivulets from my eyes… however I also believe in the theory that a good cry takes the dirt out of the mind and the eyes and makes you look fresh… stupid I know.. ]
I don’t always: fight… but when I do I fight like a cat…
I fight: for what I believe is right
I write: a lot… but I am mostly never satisfied with whatever I write… [I think I could do a lot better..]
I win: against myself each time…!!
I lose: if I know that I am wrong
I never: give up if I believe in whatever I am doing…
I always: read at night before I sleep…
I confuse: other people when I get the feeling that I am getting confused…
I listen: when people are talking TO me… if it’s in a group then I tend to get distracted…
I can usually be found: reading…
I am scared: of losing my loved ones…
I need: books, music and some munchies… [And I am a happy girl!!]
I am happy about: the way my life is going….

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Diwali :-)

This wish is a day belated :-) But i guess that's okie..! :)

Hope you had a happy and safe diwali..

I sure had a blast... Loved it... Lit a 10000-wala and had a blast literally and figuratively... By far the best Diwali ever...

Happy diwali...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am cold... :-(


That turned out to be quite a long post… (the previous one!)

I am drained out..! :-) But happy!

I am not sure if I captured all my thoughts on it though…

It is quite cold in office today… I mean normally in office, inside this classroom like room that we sit in (proudly called the NOC room) it is colder than normal… the AC is either high or too high… that’s probably the only two settings our office knows! Today it’s too high…

I am very sensitive to the cold… extremely… and that’s just the AC I am talking about… the fan is ok... However fast it is its fine… but the AC… Brrr.. Brr… Chatter Chatter… I cannot stand the cold… my fingers go numb, my teeth start shivering and I become as pale as a creature which has no blood… then it’s a sight… I mean I look a sight… (There go my trips to the colder countries!!)

Even on the normal sunny days outside, our office is as cold as the North Pole (and no, before you ask, I have not been to the North Pole people... I would probably become like a human icicle!!)

I crave for the sunlight like the E T in those alien movies… I need that ray of sunlight or in my case heat to function properly… makes me wonder sometimes which planet I am actually from…

And now huddled in a jacket to keep the cold (But not doing a good enough job! Darn! This stupid jacket!) I am typing away thinking of warmer climates…

Ok time for me to step out for my daily dose of sunshine…
See ya in a bit....

On being a girl...

There have been a whole lot of discussion on male chauvinism and feminism over the past few months in my life that i thought a post was required to put an end to it... for myself at least...!! i have been called a FEMINIST at least a few hundred times by a lot of people... I have been known to raise voice against any sort of chauvinism that has the misfortune of happening in front of me... I have been called 'too forward for a girl', 'tomboyish', 'frank, blunt, out-spoken, rash, and a whole lot of other adjectives'... I have been subjected to lectures and taunts on how a girl should be or should behave in a society...
Now i think it's high time i write about it...
For me feminism is something that gives me a belief in myself that as a woman, I am capable of doing whatever I set my mind to without letting the fact that ‘being a woman’ affect it…
This of course is a topic that has found its way into lots of debates, forums and discussions that it has been done to death and still not gotten anywhere… when Soorya wrote about this in a post a few months ago, the thought crossed my mind that I should probably be penning down some of my feelings on this too…

People who know me say that I am feminist, but they say it in the sense that I do not stand for any kind of male chauvinism. Indeed that’s true! I do not like it! And that would be the understatement of the century! I believe there are things that men can do and are more capable of doing, and there are things that we women can do and are more efficient at. But that by any means does not draw a conclusion that either of the sexes cannot do something that the other sex is more efficient at… and I have come across a lot of people, unfortunately, of the male category who have this derisive look on their faces every time when some girl suggests something that is not rather what they expected… and I hate it!

Of course, things have changed a lot in these past few years and there are lesser and lesser eyebrows being raised at something that women do, that’s out of the ordinary… but you still find some of those earlier species that I talked about… the patronizing look, the mocking smile, the cynical questioning face… I still come across all this a few times in the course of my life…

I have had people come and tell me, that I am different from other girls… I can tell you I am not… I am as girly as the other females of my generation are… it’s just that my definition of girly differs in leaps and bounds from them… I speak my mind out when it is required, I like wearing western clothes more than Indian and that’s because I am comfortable in them, I have a lot of boys as friends, I get along with them better than I get along with girls, I can do things on my own, I do not need the help of anyone especially not someone who thinks condescendingly that I need to be protected from the harsh ways of the world.. I have seen a bit of the world and what I have seen has taught me enough to differentiate between what’s good for me and what’s not… I swear when I am frustrated and I do not put on a different expression of being calm when I am actually seething with rage inside… I am not the kind to take an injustice meted out to me lying down… in fact I see no reason to do so and even more if it is because of my gender… that has nothing to do with it… I can do any work as good as any man and maybe even better! People say I talk a lot and I use words that are not generally said by girls… well... When did swearing become a gender-specific thing?? You are frustrated, you swear!! Fine maybe, you control your talk depending on the company that you are in… I do not do that sometimes!! I am not bothered… especially if it is my peer group… I think they all know me well enough by now that I do not need to put on an appearance for their sake…

I have come across a few mentionable incidents in the past few months… usually when someone talks about how they think/feel/believe that girls should be or should behave, I get pissed off… pissed off again would be a very mild way of putting it… Why have fixed rules in place on how a girl should be? We do not do that to guys do we?? We don’t tell how they have to behave, how they have to dress, walk, talk, etc... Then what right do they have to tell us how we are supposed to be??

I have had acquaintances of mine tell me that they think I am too forward for a girl… I tell them that they are still living in the old age then!! Recently there was this conversation about marriages etc… and there was this acquaintance of mine who was telling us about his idea of a wife… fine I agree that it is his opinion and prerogative about how he wants his future partner to be… fair enough! But some of those conditions that he set forth were too rigid for my thinking and ideologies and I told him the same! And well that sparked off a debate… and a debate that left both of us a little cordial towards each other… I could not accept his ways of thinking… he could not accept mine… fair enough! But I felt that a lot of his conditions rested upon the premise that a man is the sole bread winner for the family, the woman is limited to taking care of the kids, household etc… now that seems to me as a case of someone who is not yet out of the old fashioned way of thinking. And that I could not relate to… I can go out and earn as much as my man would and at the same time run the house too…

I have gotten comments for every single thing that I do, from people who think that it’s out of the ordinary…

So what if I am friends with a guy? So what if I spend time with a guy on a date? So what if I am better at being friends with a guy rather than with a girl? So what if I talk about sex openly? So what if I make jokes? So what if I talk loudly? So what if I wear a lot of western attire? So what if I want to go out on a walk all by myself? So what if I get things done easily because of my gender? So what if I wear shorts and walk around my house?

So many what ifs … so many ifs and buts when it comes to being a girl…

Agreed it is not safe for a girl to do a whole lot many things… but give us a little credit! I mean, we are old enough to realize what’s good and what’s not… who’s being sincere and who’s fake!! We do not need protection or caring at all times… have confidence in us to let us venture out and explore the world… so what if we make a few mistakes along the way?? That’s learning!!!
I do not want anyone to curb my freedom and clip my wings if i want to try something unexplored, or new... I want to be able to have the independence to take decisions on my own, at least those that concern my life and my personal ambitions... I do not want people thinking that I am not strong enough to face a few troubles and overcome it...
I know I am strong, I know I am capable, I am confident about myself...

Am I a feminist??

I do not know…
Am I a woman of today??

Yes I am!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who is the boss... Big, Small, Whatever!!!

I was watching an episode of Big Boss -2 yesterday hosted by Shilpa Shetty. I normally am not a huge fan of this reality show… somehow the antics of various celebrities living together does not appeal to me. I can’t for the life of me fathom why they would make fools of themselves like this… but I’m digressing from the topic… yesterday I had nothing better to do and one of PG-mates is a regular viewer of this show. Yesterday was the eviction episode and Shilpa was about to announce the person who was being evicted out of the house…

So she started …

10 PM – Dear viewers, welcome to the special episode of big boss 2 … this one is to reveal the name of the person who is going to be evicted from the house today… he/she will join the bandwagon of the evicted members who will share with us their experiences here on the HOT SEAT… and the nominees for the eviction today are X, Y, Z ….. But before we go any further let us take a small break….

10:15 PM – welcome back viewers, we are here to watch a special episode on blah blah blah …. And before we announce the name of the person who is going to be evicted, let us give our sponsors some time to display their products ….

10:30 PM – and we’re back… let us take a look at the nominees of the eviction episode… and let us have a few minutes of chit-chat with their family members and ask them how they would feel if their family member got thrown out… and also watch a couple of moments from the show w.r.t to these nominees… but before we do that let us take a small breather/ chai break…

10:45 PM – dear viewers, we are finally at that phase of the show where I have the name of the loser in this envelope that I hold… but before I tell you who it is, let us have a few minutes of conversation with the nominees’ dogs!!! And ask them how they would feel if their owner/ master came back home! And blah blah blah … before I go ahead and announce the name of the person who would be joining us here on the HOT SEAT… we’ll take a short break and be right back…

11:00 PM – and my dear viewers, now we’re at the climax of this episode… I have here in my hand the fate of one nominee out of the 3 whose fate this envelope holds….

And dragged and dragged and dragged and dragged to tell the person’s name… she kept talking about inane things, who likes whom, why a person behaves like that etc etc… and in the middle of all this, like throwing a tidbit to a hungry dog, out of the 3 nominees, she says who is safe and sound and is not going to leave the house..!!

Not just Shilpa … but most of the anchors when they are hosting one of these crucial episodes drag the result to the fag end that by the time they are actually ready to tell the name of the winner/loser; people have already lost interest, switched channels, speculated on the world markets, and had a nap also to boot…

I don’t understand why they drag the damn thing so much! I mean instead of the usual one hour long episode they could have a half-hour result special episode right…. But no… they have to kill us slowly by holding back that one name that would actually then let people get up and move out or best of all go to sleep...

If only I had my way… I would just watch that one last bit where the anchor has no choice but to announce the name finally… but then hard luck! The number of people who are glued onto such shows in TV outnumber the ones who think like yours truly!!! So there… if you’re watching TV then it’s at the whims and fancies of the majority… basically the flip side of staying in a hostel! :D

Friday, October 17, 2008

It's Weird....

You know what’s sad…

That awkward gap that follows your conversation when you are talking to someone who was your buddy at one point of time… but you lost contact for some reason or the other… and normally you never used to have such a problem as to searching for topics to talk… in fact it used to be like you never ran out of topics… now suddenly… it’s like you guys are meeting up for the first time and then you have exhausted your initial rounds of talk and waiting for the other person to speak up…

Happened with me very recently… I was talking to this friend of mine from college and it was quite a long time since we chatted up or even called up to enquire each others’ whereabouts… fair enough.. life had taken different turns in the span of a year or so and stuff had happened in our lives which changed priorities… keeping in touch did take a backseat but it was not as though the step was taken backward by just one of us… it was a two-way street and well we both did not keep in touch… we used to hang out a lot in college and had the same set of friends… our wavelengths were the same and we had a good time in college like any gang does! Then we passed out, settled into jobs, and the circles/gang changed… Other priorities came up and somehow keeping in touch/calling up/sms-ing /mailing/scrapping in orkut took a backseat. I had my own set of problems to handle and I guess she hers!

I called her up recently again to discuss a mutual friends’ wedding! And also to catch up with her… Every 2 sentences down the conversation, there was this weird pause… a vacuum that both of us found it difficult to fill… a gap that had widened… I somehow could no longer relate to whatever she was saying about her life there… not that I had an entirely different lifestyle… she still hung out with friends from back in college… while I; I no longer had that privilege… Instead, I had made new friends… and I could barely talk to her about them for fear that she would not be interested..

There was no rift or anything… no fights or stuff like that but still … the gap was there! And it is widening day-by-day…

I do not feel too happy about it but there is nothing that I can do about it because now it has gone to a point where sometimes I feel I do not care! I know I am being selfish/arrogant when I say that… But that’s the reality now! It was not like I lost my Best Friend. But I did lose friends all through my life at some point or other due to some incidents or other… but for most it has been only due to the failure of not keeping in touch… and for that I purely take the blame...

Am I going to take up the initiative to keep in touch with them… with some of them I guess I will... but with others I am not too sure… our lives have diverged so much that it does not make sense to go back holding out the branch of friendship….

But that awkward pause still pricks!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Women... Woe-men!!!

A girl journalist was shot dead in the city of Delhi very recently in the wee hours of the morning when she was returning from work. The case is still unsolved and people are speculating all sorts of things from personal enmity to random murder.

One of the senior leaders of the state commented that the girl was probably ‘too adventurous’ in returning home at that time of the morning and that too in an unsafe city like Delhi.

I mean, on one hand you have a city that’s potentially unsafe at any given time of the day for girls especially and on the other hand you have a poor girl shot dead. So basically, if the girl had not come home at that time, the accident could probably have been averted. Maybe, Maybe not!!

Scores of incidents, hundreds of violations of girls like this happen every day. And girls are blamed most of the time, saying she must’ve done something to antagonize the perpetrator, like maybe answer something rudely back to his disgusting comment, or probably put in a complaint against him, or maybe just told him off… of course the variations can range from, dressing provocatively to positively saying something to invite/irritate him as the case may be. In such cases the provocative dress can be a pair of jeans and a sleeveless top as well…

As much as people say that it is a developing country, everyone is becoming broad minded, and are open to a lot of things that are very common in western cultures, the fact remains that the core of the country is still old-fashioned. It is still considered taboo to speak to guys in the open. Girls will still be ogled at lecherously if they wear sleeveless tops. It is still considered bad for a girl to go out for an evening with a guy-friend. And for a girl to do as she pleases in the matter of career or education is still too forward for almost 70% of the country.

Ask any girl who travels using local transport, or has to walk in a crowded area, or even to go home after a reasonable time of 8 PM walking through the road that leads to her place. She can tell you stories of being stared at so obsessively that she feels like sinking through the ground, tales of being groped at in crowded alleyways, incidents of people brushing against in an unknowingly-knowing way, in the buses, in the trains, on the roads and even in respectable places like malls and shopping complexes where the rich, upper middle class call their second home!

Fine… Maybe this is considered as part of growing up, so that we girls can understand and develop our instincts as to who means what. And after sometime, evading people, or moving around them in a manner that means ‘don’t-you-dare-come-close-to-me’ becomes quite natural. But it sometimes traverses to such a level that the girl in question has a very fragile mindset at the end of it.

As for the senior leader’s comment about the poor journalist, I guess or rather I hope what she meant was that the city was unsafe for anyone be it a girl or a boy at that time of the night, and that probably it comes across as a warning to the others about the dangers that perpetually haunt people. It’s still a mystery as to whether the poor girl trusted someone deep enough to get killed at the cost of trusting that person or whether it was just a random murder like hundreds of others that happen!

Somehow all said and done, I can’t get beyond the young woman! Someone like my peers, who enjoys a challenge, who had so much yet to accomplish and achieve, who loves hanging out with friends and family after a hard day’s work…

A life that had so much to offer her, snuffed out just like that!

It is extremely distressing to have such things happen!

May her soul rest in peace!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Royalty... I don't think so!!

There was this article in yesterday’s newspaper (in one of the supplements). The highlight of the article was on the below mentioned point;

› The preferential treatment that is given to politicians these days

People are being made to wait at various places – on the roads, in malls, pulled to the side of the road, near the signals – when one of these ‘high-level people’ pass by. One of them going on a jaunt to someplace within the city means discomfort and irritation to hundreds of others. For all you know, there might be someone within that crowd that’s being made to wait who has some important issue to attend to. And the way they pull people off the roads to make a clear way for these ‘people’ are just inhuman. Why do these people deserve preferential treatment? Because they are the high-level people who govern the state or the country for us? Or because they have to get to someplace in a hurry to have a drink or attend some party or something that’s more important than the hundreds of people who throng the roads to get to their homes after a hard days’ work, to meet their loved ones?? Or is it because we elected them to run our country for us???

I really don’t understand! They come to us asking us to treat them like the common man, our neighbor, our friend who wants to share in our troubles, but once they get what they want, then the common man tag just vanishes is it??


At the end of the day they are also human like us right… I mean, if you probably prick both of us with a needle, blood is going to come out right… and the same red blood!?!? Or is theirs’ going to be purple in color or something??? How come they do not have to bother about queues, traffic jams, etc when the same people who voted them in are the ones suffering the brunt??

Friday, October 10, 2008

I have a question... Does someone have an answer??

What do you do when you are caught in a situation where you want to be honest to yourself and tell someone what exactly you feel but you know that if you do that you would be hurting that person real bad? Would you end up compromising on your honesty and self or would you stand up for what you feel irrespective of how the other person feels??

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Books and Me...

Yup, it’s another tag and this time it is about BOOKS. Picked this up from Sayesha’s blog.

The book that changed my life –
No book that actually changed my life… I love reading purely for the fact that it takes my mind off things and transports me to a world where I don’t belong and I am just a bystander. And yup.. Also for those tidbits of knowledge that it gives me ;-)

The books I've read more than once –
Almost all the books that I have ever read! :-) Yeah I am a nut case that way… I tend to keep reading the books over and again… I believe that each time you re-read a book; you find something new in it, some new nuance, some fact about some character, etc…

Book I would take to a deserted island –
Hmmm… that’s a difficult one..! Most probably ‘Godfather – Mario Puzo’

Book that made me laugh –
Lots of them – most of the M&B series for the corny way in which it is written, Comics, some of the chick-lits.

Book that made me cry –
None. Though some have I love reading over and again for the way it made me feel. For instance, Daddy – Danielle Steele; Man, Woman and Child – Erich Segal; Godfather – Mario Puzo; Gregory David Roberts' - Shantaram.

Books I wish I had written –
The Harry Potter series by J.K.Rowling. It is one the best series I have ever read.

Book I wish had never been written –
I guess ‘Crime and Punishment’ by Fyodor Dostovesky. It was a punishment to read that! And a recent addition to that is Chetan Bhagat's - The 3 mistakes of my life. A big mistake it was to pick this one up!

Book I am currently reading –
Couple of them actually. ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ – Mitch Albom, Richard Branson’s - Losing my virginity, The Ramayana series – Ashok.K.Banker (second time).

Book I've been meaning to read –
Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead. Somehow I am not able to find the interest to read that book; it’s been lying on my shelf ever since I picked it up.

Book I have been meaning to finish –
Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. (struggling!)

A Wednesday - Review.

Brilliant! Mind-blowing! Superbe!

I started watching the movie with a lot of apprehensions because I did not want it to turn out to be another ‘Aamir’ (I did not like the movie!). But this one had me in its grip right from the start. It’s a wonderful movie portrayed wonderfully by wonderful people. Yeah I know that’s too many ‘wonderfuls’ but I cannot help but gush about this movie.

I loved it! Simply loved it!

Was glued to my seat all through the movie, clapped at some great scenes, echoed my approval at other scenes, and simply enjoyed the movie! Gripping!

The man who stole the show – Naseerudin Shah. Incredible acting! Subtle portrayal of an angry commoner. His acting is par excellence and his English is out of this world. Flawless! That’s one thing I look for in the movies, whenever some actor is delivering a dialogue in English I tend to listen hard for that one slight mistake or in some cases many mistakes that actors make in their diction, inflections etc. Yeah, I am a fan of the Queen’s Language.

Anupam Kher’s portrayal of the Commissioner of Police – Mumbai is also great. I actually liked him – one of the very few instances, I assure you – without his over the top acting, or shrieking dialogues. Nicely depicted the way a high authority might handle the pressure of a bomb-threat and in a much understated way. Brilliant!

Jimmy Shergill – Oh man! For once he did justice to the character and acted very well. I am actually enamored by his acting. His representation of the angry police officer was very well done!

All the other actors, even the bit actors, everybody contributed to their part and the movie is simply amazing! One movie in recent times that will defiantly make a statement.

Scenes to watch out for – Naseerudin Shah’s monologue for the last 10-15 minutes. One scene that all of us will identify with! :-)

My verdict :- Don’t miss this one!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Me, Myself and D...

Scene 1
Time: around 8:45 PM – a normal day.

is sitting and working on her laptop when D comes in.
D: Hey is that your new laptop?
Z: Umm.. Yeah I got it a couple of weeks back.
D: That’s nice… I got mine last week when I went home too.. (Beams)
Z: Oh good.. What’s your laptop configuration?
D: Uh.. I don’t know about that but it has face detection software and all that. I love it when my face gets captured on the screen. (Beams again)
Z: Oh.. Ok..! (Smiles in a constricted way)
D: By the way do you have any songs?
Z: Yeah sure.. I got some, give me your pendrive. Do you have a flash drive?
D: I don’t have a flash drive but I have a pendrive.. Is that ok?
Z: Umm… Actually D, well yeah sure, that would be fine. (Rolling eyes!)
D gives Z her pendrive, and then asks Z;
D: Are you sure you know how to use this?
Z: (weird look!) Yeah of course I do.. Everyone knows how to…
Z transfers the songs to the pendrive and gives it back to D
D: I am unable to plug this in. it’s not going in. What did you do to it?
Z : :O Excuse me, I did not do anything. It worked just fine for me now. How come it’s not working for you now?
D: I don’t know, you check!
Z: Okie show me … Gimme the pendrive.
D: yeah now let me see you do it.
Z plugs it in the USB port and says ‘There!’
D: How did you do it? I tried putting it in this slot and it did not work (pointing to the LAN port!)
Z heaves a sigh!! Phew! Rolls eyes! And says to herself… Ah Well..!!
Scene 2:
Midnight around 1:30 – 2:00 AM
D is busy standing in front of the mirror preening. Z is reading. P is sitting and chatting to D.
D: La la la la la…. La la la la la (All the while combing her hair)
D is 24 years old; same as Z and P.
D is combing her hair into two ponytails, tying them up with bright yellow rubber bands and putting green colored clips in front. D is wearing a pink color skirt, a green t-shirt and a red halter top over that.
Z: You going out somewhere or are you mad combing your hair at this time?
D: No I am not feeling sleepy and therefore just entertaining myself.
Z: Huh… entertaining yourself? Hmmm.. Ok..! (Weird look!)
D: La la la la …. La la la la…
Z: Why have you tied up your hair in yellow bands?
D: Oh! Those are to match the tiny yellow flowers at the border of my skirt.
Z goes Huh… Well… and manages a grimaced ‘Nice!’
Z: And what about the green clips?
D: Oh! They are to match my t-shirt…
Z: Phew! Okie… that’s all huh… For a minute I thought you were planning to transform into SUPER GIRL and fly out of the window!!! :P
Scene 3:
D has gone home on vacation. And P has gone with her. Z is alone in the room now.
Z is happy and relieved that there is no one to irritate her.
It is around 1:00 AM in the night.
Z gets a call. It’s D.
D: Hi Z, it is D here. Calling from the train.
Z thinks – she misses me so much!! :O
Z: Hi tell me.
D: Were you sleeping?
Z: No, I am not sleeping! (Duh! Did I not just answer the phone!??! And that too in a perfectly awake voice!!)
D: Then can you do me a favor please?
Z: … yeah what is it? (Shrugs)
D: I left my golden-colored slippers next to your cupboard. Can you just check if it is still there?
Z mutters some expletives under her breath.
(One freaking thirty at night and madame wants to know where her slippers are… and more than that she expects me to find it for her and let her know… what the fish am I? Her friggin’ servant??)
Z: No it is not there!
D: Are you sure? Did you check under the bed? What about the shoe stand? Did you check properly?
Z: Huh…! Yes I did! And it is not there!
D: Oh My God! (Sounding like Janice – Chandler’s Girlfriend in F.R.I.E.N.D.S)…. I dunno where I put it… oh god! Do you think I lost it?
Z: I don’t know! (Under her breath… I don’t care)

PS: More episodes on D and Z to follow soon.........

Tool Trauma!!!

I am getting irritated… and that seems to be my constant disposition these days…

There’s this new tool that has been developed in office for tracking Action Items and Escalations and it is literally taking my life out…

I am supposed to be monitoring this tool and the entries in it for my boss and to say that it is painful would be an understatement… it is fraught with complications on who to raise it on, who has to raise it, issue status, description, resolution plan, date of expected closure, date of actual closure and etc etc…. and once I save it an auto-mailer goes… and then my boss gets bombarded with mails from people asking why, what, when, where, and how this damn thing was raised… Fantastic!And that’s not all… it also throws pop-ups like RP word limit minimum length is some 50 characters or something… the RP date and the date of expected closure should be more than the date of actual closure or whatever! Phew..!!

I wonder who had the bright idea of the tool to track this stuff… and it’s not like people are actually entering it in properly or diligently. Sadistic streak I must say! To enter one item it takes around 5-10 minutes… what is the point I do not understand other than making us lesser mortals squirm and fidget when we have to enter the damn entries….


Sometimes I hate technology!!!!

PS: No offence meant to anyone, i just hate the tool !! :-).

Friday, October 3, 2008

A losing battle....

How would you feel if you were sitting in front of the TV having lunch but the channel is tuned to GREEK or LATIN or for some people a language that you do not know at all!!!

Better than having and knowing a language only to the extent where you understand some and the rest just fly over your head like clouds..!!

At least if you don't know the language at all then it is easier to zone out I say..!! The nothing that you know, the better! It is when you understand some bits of it floating around that you have a problem...

Any suggestions on how to handle a losing battle against fighting the boredom when people around you are talking in a language that's half-familiar and half-strange!!??!

I swear... The best punishment for these ' -----------' people would be to make them sit in a gathering that talks a language that they barely hardly know and see how they cope through it..!! I swear..!! It irritates me so....

Please help me! I think I am on the verge of losing my temper...! And then it's not going to be a nice sight... or rather I am not going to be a nice sight!! :-s

Help.... SOS... SOS... SOS...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tag..tag...tag... and I am in..!! :-)

Yup.. Yup… before you ask, I flicked (again! And yet again!) this tag when browsing through blogs…!!
Well.. what can I say?? I am just jobless..
This is from this
link where you have to enter 10 of your friends’ names and then answer the questions.. :-)
And yeah... It’s fun! :P here goes…

Describe Sanup in five words.
Cute, Smart, Sweet, Witty and Interesting! (Sanup, you owe me one for this!)

If Murali were to be mistaken for a celebrity, who would it be?
Definitely JOEY TRIBBIANI from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (I am sorry Joey!!!)

How did you meet Kalyan?
He’s my colleague and one of the best things that ever came into my life! (Thank you GOD!)

Shruti suddenly knows all your secrets. What do you have to say about that?
Duh.. She already does! I mean almost all my secrets…(Right Shru?? :P)

If Shruti and Srinidhi teamed up, what would they most likely accomplish?
Something related to Finance I bet ;-) (I dunno what else is common between them!)

What would Jaejo not be caught dead in?
Uh-huh… Makeup?? :P (of course with his theatre classes these days..:P you never know!))

What song could be Divya's theme song?
Something related to bravery no doubt..!! :P (She knows what I am talking about.. :P)

Super fun fun adventure amusement park marathon with you, Vaishnavi and Kalyan! How will it go?
Wonderfully well I am sure… with those 2 Telugu-speaking buddies… I am sure it will be a laugh riot.. :-) (Enti… correctaaa….)

If Sanup and Murali were locked in the same (really small) room for longer than a day, what would most likely happen?
Hmmm… they’d most probably end up cribbing about Hyderabad and the company they work for and the unit they belong to… all the while lamenting the fact that there are no good girls here in Hyderabad… (I can just imagine this happening!)

What if you found out that Divya was secretly an alien plotting to take over the world together with Payal?
I would not need to do anything… the taking over the world will never happen considering the 2 people who are plotting.. :P (Sorry guys… but you know how all of us are when we get together! :P)

Grahanam - A review!

It has been quite some time since I penned something on this blog, and even longer, since I wrote a movie review. But there is no good time ...