Tuesday, October 23, 2012

70 days to go...

2012 will henceforth be known as the YEAR of CHANGES in my life!! Of course, it doesn’t really matter what it’s known as if the world is going to end this year!

You know that weird spot that you find yourself caught in, like there are things happening all around you, maybe because of you, like a ripple effect and you are right in the middle of it but even when your entire world is spinning topsy-turvy, you are caught in a limbo. Like a rut. You have nothing to do, or nothing that you can do at the minute. But yet, your life is undergoing sea changes. That’s how it is for me now. It definitely is a weird feeling – this waiting and not being able to do anything about it!! Oh well!! So yes! There’s chaos all around me while I am rooted to the spot, unable to move! Things are happening. And they are not things that I want to talk about right now. Close friends know what’s going on; so well, that’s all that matters for now!

Oh and here’s a declaration – a sweeping declaration if you want to call it that - I am going to stop saying “this is my comeback post” or that “oh it’s been ages since I did a post” or yeah ok... something on those lines. But this place has been gathering dust, cobwebs and all that jazz. Yes! I am being innovative in just rewording the same sentence ;-)

So here’s what I have been up to in my absence from here... it’s been a long ride from 5 June 2012 to 23 Oct 2012. And bumpy too!!! For one, the creature on my face grew back to mammoth proportions and I had to go get it incised yet again leaving me with a bandage on my cheek for a week and a mark to boot now… Sigh! That was actually the least of my troubles though!!

I read quite a lot of books – none noteworthy though! All mindless trash and the worst of them being ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’… And no! It’s not good... It’s pure trash! But it makes for mindless reading! I really don’t understand how this came on the best seller list… Seriously! I cannot think of anything worthwhile I read that comes to my mind… Shows the quality of the books I read these days by the way... One very interesting read was The Game by Neil Strauss. Very very interesting! ;-)

Oh and I saw all the latest movies... Barfi, Heroine, English Vinglish, Maatraan, Thandavam, Looper.. Out of which the only one that I thoroughly without a doubt will say must watch is Looper and Barfi! Oh and also Student of the Year! No! Don’t ask me why I went and saw it! Can you believe I was that bored... and I also dragged a friend along who proceeded to use the choicest cuss words before, during and after the movie… Well warranted that was! :-P Looking forward to now watching Argo! Ben Affleck looks cute! And now hooked on to How I Met Your Mother season 8!! Can they please tell who the mother is and get on with the story… its numbing waiting to see them reveal who the mother is!

I started writing seriously again… but... (Yes! There’s always a but!) I can’t share it in this forum... It’s slightly too personal for this as well as a little bit pathetic even if it’s cathartic... maybe someday!

What I really want is this year to get over as soon as possible and make way for a NEW YEAR literally and figuratively … I mean it! I am sick of 2012 ... There have been good moments but there have been not so good ones too and I am looking forward to just starting afresh in a lot of ways.

2013 – Kindly get here as soon as you can! I am hoping you will be much better than 2012 and open up a lot of avenues for me to explore.

Does this seem like an end-of-the-year post … well that shows how much I want this year to end doesn’t it!!! I have a few things earmarked for 2013 and I fervently hope that I get to cross off the entire checklist … I had a whole lot of things planned for 2012 as well none of which went the way I wanted it to … Oh well!! You can’t have everything now can you!

Here’s waiting for 2013 to strike in…and the countdown for 1-1-2013….

70 days to go …

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