Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers!!

So I lost my phone. Yes the same phone that I kept bragging about here. Looks like someone up there thought I was into it a little too much! So there you go! I lost it!
There I was returning from a well-played hour of badminton, super-happy in my winning 3 games out of 4 (looks like I never learn about bragging! Hmm!), and I left the phone in the cab. Funny how these things happen, eh! And usually, I am not a careless person. I take care of my things with a maniac like precision! Serious! The cab driver hurried me into getting out of the cab, I had like a pile of stuff in my hand and thus the phone that was almost-always a part of my arm got left behind! And of all the days that I get a receipt for the cab ride, that day I did not! Mr.Murphy was right with me!! And the worst part!! I noticed that I did not have my phone the minute the cab revved up and left I looked it like I was looking at my best friend speed away! And then I sprinted like Usian Bolt up to my friends place and started pulling out stuff out of my bag in a bid to see if my phone was there somewhere. See in my minds eye, I still could not believe that I had left it in the cab. 
Anyways, what followed after that was a couple of hours of calling my phone, filing reports with the police, the cab company, calling up the bank to see if we can trace the cab through my payment transaction id, changing required passwords, etc etc. Nothing helped, of course! Now I am back to using my old phone, the same old Sony Ericsson Sigh! My contact list on the phone has exactly 10 numbers, close friends and family! I do have a backup of my old numbers, but I am much too lazy right now to enter all those into my new sim card. I feel handicapped sometimes without the 3g. I was addicted to it, to say the least. I am back to using my 1 GB mp3 player.  The one that I got with my first ever salary!! Sure, using the old phone and the player brings back a lot of memories. :-)
The next day after I lost my phone, I was searching for it on my side table the first thing in the morning. Yes!! It was my alarm clock, my music player, my connection to the world, all rolled into one! Right! I know it is just a phone, I know I can replace it with something else; I know there are always alternatives to staying connected! But I also know that I miss my phone and I miss it in my hand! It felt right there! Go ahead; call me a loony-bin! I dont care! So much for the melodrama eh! :-P
Well, until the search for a new phone ends the rock-solid (literally!) Sony Ericsson and the sturdy old Philips player it is!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The end of the 10 day challenge. Last 4 days in one post! Phew!

Oh my god!
This has to be the longest anyone ever took to complete a 10-day challenge! Damn! And I thought it was going to be easy, and good for me, because its talking about myself for 10 days! I mean who would not have liked that! Turns out its not as much fun as I thought it would be. For one, its unbelievably boring! Talking about myself I mean! I simply have to rack my brains to think up of stuff to write and at the end of it, I feel like I am back in school, filling up a slam book. Maybe its just not for me. Kudos to all you others who took it up and finished it on time too!
So here I am completing the challenge all in one go! In one post! And may that be the end of it!
Day 7 - Four Books
Book 1: The Godfather! I can go on and on about why I love this book and how dreamy I find Michael Corleone. Actually Michael Corleone. Enough said.
Book 2: Books on hindu mythology. The latest in the pack being the Immortals of Meluha! And add a whole lot of other books like  - the Palace of Illusions, The Pregnant King, Ashok Bankers Ramayana Series, The Mahabharata etc to it!
Book 3: I have said this before and I will say it again. The Harry Potter Series. You gotta give it to that woman for the imagination that she has! I know a lot of my friends criticize the book, but its one of the best things that has happened to the literary world! Whats the world without a bit of fun, fantasy, magic and villains?
Book 4: There is a song for every dance Mridula Martis. The book is about a lady who quits her high-paying job and goes to learn dance! And then starts a dance school! Need I say more?? And she gets a dancer tattoo too!! :-)
Day 8 Three Films
Ok! This is HARD!
Random choices off the top of my head!
3 Manichithrathazhu. Love the movie. Can watch it n-number of times. But only the original.
Day 9 Two Songs
Ok! Again randomly
1.     Its the time of my life Dirty Dancing
2.     Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji Ishqiya. (Haunting song and lyrics!)
Day 10 One picture.
Here you go! I am putting up two pics here. Yes, I am vain like that! I love both these two pics! Both clicked by friends at various times! I normally am not very happy with the way I look in pics but these two I love!
Thank you Dileep and Manu! :-)
Pic 1 - Clicked by Dileep

 Pic 2 - Clicked by Manu

Ah it’s done! The 10 day Challenge is over! 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Ten Day Challenge: Day 6 - Five Foods!!

Yes! When you look at me, it will look as though I dont eat much! Actually I dont.. But whatever I like I eat quite well!! 
This is gonna be a short post here goes!
1.     Idichakka Poduthuval  Idichakka is tender jackfruit. Idichakka thoran / poduthuval as we call it at home, is a mouthwatering dish when it is prepared well. Its quite a tedious and messy job cleaning up the jackfruit but the taste compensates for it all.  
2.     Fried rice and Gobi Manchurian  An all time favorite. Its a standard order when we go to Indian restaurants.
3.     Grandmoms Potato curry  I have no idea how a simple dish like this can be turned awesome. And I still cant get it right even when I try my level best. All she does is fry up the potatoes till its golden brown and I can never quite manage to get the same taste how many ever times I try! She makes it all the time when I visit her in Coimbatore and serves it simple rice and ghee. Tastes divine!
4.     Moms Vegetable Pulao  Love this! Of course this one I never tried making. Too much effort and I am as lazy as they come!
5.     Curd Rice and Egg Omelets - :-) This combo rocks! :-) 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Ten Day Challenge: Day 5 - Six Places!!

And now its day 5 Six places!
Ok! Frankly I dont know what this refers to! Whether its places that I love to be in always, or places that I loved going to, getaway places, or just ones that capture my fancy!
I am going to put here 6 random places from my list because I have a lot of places that I love going to depending on my mood and they all wont fit here on the list!!
Here we go!
1.     Meenakshi Gardens Rajagrha! :-) Also easily referred to as kalam or the farmhouse!! Its the place that I spent a bit of my childhood in and I love this place! It makes me feel all good and nice and warm whenever I visit there lots of trees, and some amazing memories!
2.     Home @ Sumukham. Theres a place that I never get bored these days at! Probably because I dont get to visit and stay there as much as I would like! Yes! I miss home!! Dont rub it in!
3.     Hyderabad! I love that place for a whole lot of reasons. :-) The first flat that we all stayed in, the subsequent move to a PG, the office anecdotes ..
4.     The best place for a getaway for me is a place where there is a lot of quiet around, lots of calmness, lots of trees etc Ashwins home at Kerala is one such place. It is very calm, lots of greenery with a river running along the backside of the home and when it rains, you feel like you are in a hillstation! :-)
5.     Singapore. If I ever had to leave this place, I would miss it sorely. There are so many memories associated with this place, good bad and ugly. But the good outweighs the bad so theres that! All thanks to a great bunch of awesome friends! :D
6.     If theres one place that I would be in, given a choice, it would have to be INDIA. Any place in India works as long as its India. No I am not saying this because I am fiercely patriotic or anything like that. But I love being in India. I love everything about it. I will crib and complain and be disgusted at a lot of things about it but its still home in a larger sense and its the place that I want to go back to after my around the world in a few years  :P :P 

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