Friday, January 27, 2012

Ouch and double Ouch TOI!!

Oh! The Hindu is not done yet!!

Check these out! :) :)

This is getting interesting! ;-)

Ouch! Ouch! And double Ouch TOI!! :) What do you have to say to this? :)

And the best for the last!! :) :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

War of Brands, Words and Comebacks! :) :)

I have always liked ads! They are fun to watch! Only some of them though! Most of them are just crap! And calling them that is sugar coating it!
There are some that make you want to gag! And some that make you go Ugh!! And most of what comes out these days which have you thinking what the hell was that an ad for?
Then, there are a few that make you wonder about the amount of creativity and the attention to detail!! And the hard work that goes beyond it to capture the viewer’s attention for a span of 40-60 seconds! You definitely need flair for that!
So when this came out a little while ago, you could see that it was a cheap dig! And one below the belt at that!! 
And then this comes out as an answer to the above ad and all you can say is –
“Brilliant! What a comeback!!”
Tongue-in-cheek, hard-hitting and a befitting reply! 
And not one! Not two! But three!!! :-) :-)
Here's the first one!! 
And now the second one!!
And now the third one!!
And you can't but help say it again!! 
What a comeback!! Loved it!! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

A short post to say that "I am Alive" and oh yeah - Happy 2012!! :) :)

Err.. Hello.. Knock Knock!
Yes! I am very much alive and all is well and all that!
Happy 2012 to you too! Right, Ok! I know it’s almost the end of January and that I am just wishing you all (or whoever reads this blog nowadays!). But then, I just showed up here! After a long time. And there was no mandatory New Year post this time so if you think I can just start writing without wishing you a very happy 2012, then you’re mistaken. No! I am not being defensive! Just telling you!! Alright! Ok then! :D
My last post as usual was a while back and since then, nothing much has changed... Except that it’s a new year already! And touted to be the year that the world will end or some such thing! But let’s not discuss that! Let’s discuss what I have been up to, that I have neglected this space for more than 2 months. No big story or anything of that sort, just the usual stupid ol’ laziness!
I keep blogging in my mind all through the day, but when I sit in front of the laptop, nothing comes out and I don’t have the interest to sit and pen down whatever went through my mind! Weird eh!
2011 was a pretty good year compared to 2010. And it was a fast year. Like I literally saw how time flies! 2011 was nothing special in terms of what happened. But it was good overall. Close friends expanded their families with some adorable lil’ ones, I made some new friends, I introspected a lot, had a lot of good times with friends, had a couple of good holidays and of course a steady job which was the most important thing on my list last year! :) So all in all, it was great. Wrapped up 2011 with an awesome holiday with the folks back in India and started 2012 with another holiday to Langkawi in Malaysia with a few friends.
So that’s pretty much what I have been up to… How have you all been? :) :)
And yes! Ok! I will post more often. Like always, that’s on my list of resolutions. Oh yes! I have a few resolutions this year too! But until I kinda get started on them all, I am gonna keep mum about it! :D
You’ll get to know about it, I promise!
Yes, 2012 does seem to be a promising year with a great start!
Fingers crossed! :) 

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