Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ra.One - A Review!!

So yes! 20 days later, here I am with a post again!
We saw Ra.One. Hey! We see all movies, good or bad don’t matter!! And we also drag our unsuspecting / sometimes-unsuspecting friends for them!! Especially midnight / late night shows!! Like Dabangg for eg!! ;-) I am not sure I have been forgiven completely for that one!! 
If you are the kind who keeps up with movies, Bollywood movies in specific, then you would have read umpteen reviews on it. One more is not going to make any difference! :P
We went for a midnight show here. That was how excited we were about the movie. Ok! Scratch that! That was how excited I was about the movie. I mean, think about it! For the last 6 months, if I am not wrong, ever since the Cricket World Cup, SRK with his blue eyes and a-la Iron Man look has been popping up in all places, even in Western Union money transfer ads. For crying out loud! For a moment there, I was wondering what the connection was! 2 slides in the whole “We wish to thank the following people” kind before the movie starts, was only about Ra.One’s brand partners. And there is a full truckload of them! Like one of my friends put it, 3 reality shows, 3 grand finales, same day on TV and SRK was a part of it all. Talk about Marketing!!
So there we were, 12:30 a.m. in the theatre, waiting to see what the hype was all about. And then after 2.5 hours realization dawned that it was all fluff and no stuff. And the worst part  Why bring Rajnikanth into this? Seriously!! And why did Rajni agree to do this? Why oh why!! It was more like a  I have Rajni in my movie and I need to put in a scene with him somewhere! Slightly insulting, if you ask me!
So there is a noodles & curd slurping, ‘ayyayyo’ Tamil speaking geeky scientist, Shekhar Subramaniam, his wife  Kareena, who’s working on a thesis about swear words and a smart-alec kid who likes villains more than heroes. Ok! I am not going to list out the movie here scene by scene since it’s been done to death everywhere else on the net. Here are my thoughts on the movie.
·         SRK Sir  please kindly stick to romantic films or films like Swades, Chak De India! You rocked in them! In this movie, the rocks were better off. You Sir, do not make a good ROBOT. Chitti is CHITTI and G.One is just GONE… !!! :P :P
·         Kareena Kapoor looks smokin’ hot in the ‘Chamak Challo’ song! The song by itself is catchy. And her few minutes of wickedness were awesome. I am tellin’ you, she will do well as a villain. She has that wicked look down pat.
·         Arjun Rampal. He looked very good. Menacing and Evil. He looked the part and he acted the part. And in most scenes where he was, he owned the scene. The chap who played Akashi  Good work dude!
·         Some of the special effects were pretty darn good. And the sound effects  AWESOME! Background score  not so much!
·         Emotional scenes in a sci-fi movie have to be kept to a bare minimum. It ruins the pace of the movie. What could have been a damn good sci-fi movie is brought down by the disjointed emotional scenes and the awkward jokes.
·         SRK  please stop the sliding on the floor arms stretched as if to hug someone. It doesn't belong in this movie. Looked really stupid if u ask me. And please, why did you choose to be a Tamilian of all people? You struggled with the language. It broke my heart to see Tamil being mutilated like that. Yes! I am partial like that!
At the end of it all, Ra.One is nothing but a mish-mash of Terminator 2, Iron Man, Matrix and most of the super hero movies out there.
If you have watched them all, you are not missing anything here.
PS: Did anyone else notice that G.One read as GONE!! :P :P

Saturday, October 8, 2011

How old am I?? Apparently not very!! :P :P

So I came across this site while I was blog-hopping!! its a site that analyses your blog !!
Of course, I had to analyze my blog url as well
And this was the result..
"My Expression!! My Life!!"
"Text analysis"
" is probably written by a female somewhere between 13-17 years old. The writing style is personal and happy most of the time."
You dont believe me!! Check this!!
Sigh!! So, thats what my writing style comes across as teenage, adolescent. Wow! Brilliant! Just brilliant! And I thought I had crossed that bridge ages back!! Double Sigh!! :-(
Oh well.. So long as it is young!! :P Maybe this is the silver lining I gotta look out for! ;-)

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