Monday, November 21, 2011

Why this kolaveri ... kolaveri... kolaveri di..!!! :) :)

There are songs that make you think.
There are songs that transport you into another world.
And then there are songs that bring a smile instantly on your face when you listen to it.
This is one such song.
What works for it…
1.    Simple lyrics, interspersed with Thanglish. (English spoken like Tamil)
2.    The video of the song recording.
3.    Dhanush.
Come to think of it, Dhanush should be number 1 reason. It’s just the way he sings, and the manner in which he manages to bring out the expressions required for the song into his singing that works primarily for this.
I was never a huge fan of Dhanush. I agree he is a very good actor, but he was never in my “never-miss-a-movie” list of stars.
But this song makes me want to watch the movie – 3.
Directed by Aishwarya.R.Dhanush and with Shruti Hassan and Dhanush acting, it has evoked enough curiosity with just this one song.
Maama notes eduthuko, appidiye kaiyila snacks eduthuko... ;-) 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Random thoughts on ROCKSTAR!!

If you go to watch Rockstar expecting it to be a rags-to-riches story of a small town guy making it big in the world of music after hardship and struggles, then chances are that you are not going to like this movie. If you go to watch it, and you see only a musical with a love story in the background, then you clearly won’t like it thinking it is only old wine in a new bottle and you might end up cribbing about how over hyped the movie was!! However, if what catches your notice is how an artist’s evolution from an ordinary guy who had not a worry in the world except making big in the world of music, to a Rockstar who attains fame and popularity for mostly the wrong reasons and does not know how to break free from the shackles of the helplessness and restlessness that fetter his mind, then you might like it and even enjoy a bit of it. I say a bit of it because there are snatches of scenes that are really good which have you hooked on to scenes where you wonder what the hell happened to the story. The final scene where he is led by the policemen and he shows his finger to the crowd with a smirk and a subtle smile speaks volumes.
One of the weak links in the story was Nargis and that bit about her condition was dragged like a chewing gum. Her acting seems too much of an effort for her and it ends up being half-baked and cringe-worthy. Some clichéd scenes, some silly dialogues, and over-hyped sentimental mushy-mushy drama is what brings the film down. If only the love angle had been kept as a background track instead of it taking frontal focus, the film might actually have appealed a lot more to people.
What works for the movie is Ranbir Kapoor (without a doubt), remarkable picturization of the songs, the lyrics, Mohit Chauhan and most important of all AR Rahman’s background and music score. The lyrics of the songs clearly showcase the angst and the frustration of a man who wants to be at peace with himself and not be someone whose life is dictated by society, rules or moral obligations. The way Imitiaz Ali has directed the movie, the past interspersing with the present is pretty good. I enjoyed that bit. Reminded me a bit of Mani Ratnam’s Yuva!!
From the portrayal of a naïve small town boy who wants to experience the pain of heartbreak so that it will inspire him to write better songs, to a rebellious-don’t-give-a-f**k-about-the-world Rockstar, Ranbir has carried the entire film ably on his shoulders. His portrayal of the guy who decides to fall in love initially so that he could write songs from the pain within and then does not know how to handle the conflict of the restlessness and helplessness that arises when really does fall in love is neatly done. The underlying fact is however that, even if it was not pain from an un-requited love, and it was some other kind of heart-wrenching pain, the man could probably have still become the same guy struggling from internal conflicts.
Overall, a onetime watch – for the songs, Ranbir Kapoor and the hype!!
PS: These are my thoughts about the movie and you are welcome to disagree with it. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ra.One - A Review!!

So yes! 20 days later, here I am with a post again!
We saw Ra.One. Hey! We see all movies, good or bad don’t matter!! And we also drag our unsuspecting / sometimes-unsuspecting friends for them!! Especially midnight / late night shows!! Like Dabangg for eg!! ;-) I am not sure I have been forgiven completely for that one!! 
If you are the kind who keeps up with movies, Bollywood movies in specific, then you would have read umpteen reviews on it. One more is not going to make any difference! :P
We went for a midnight show here. That was how excited we were about the movie. Ok! Scratch that! That was how excited I was about the movie. I mean, think about it! For the last 6 months, if I am not wrong, ever since the Cricket World Cup, SRK with his blue eyes and a-la Iron Man look has been popping up in all places, even in Western Union money transfer ads. For crying out loud! For a moment there, I was wondering what the connection was! 2 slides in the whole “We wish to thank the following people” kind before the movie starts, was only about Ra.One’s brand partners. And there is a full truckload of them! Like one of my friends put it, 3 reality shows, 3 grand finales, same day on TV and SRK was a part of it all. Talk about Marketing!!
So there we were, 12:30 a.m. in the theatre, waiting to see what the hype was all about. And then after 2.5 hours realization dawned that it was all fluff and no stuff. And the worst part  Why bring Rajnikanth into this? Seriously!! And why did Rajni agree to do this? Why oh why!! It was more like a  I have Rajni in my movie and I need to put in a scene with him somewhere! Slightly insulting, if you ask me!
So there is a noodles & curd slurping, ‘ayyayyo’ Tamil speaking geeky scientist, Shekhar Subramaniam, his wife  Kareena, who’s working on a thesis about swear words and a smart-alec kid who likes villains more than heroes. Ok! I am not going to list out the movie here scene by scene since it’s been done to death everywhere else on the net. Here are my thoughts on the movie.
·         SRK Sir  please kindly stick to romantic films or films like Swades, Chak De India! You rocked in them! In this movie, the rocks were better off. You Sir, do not make a good ROBOT. Chitti is CHITTI and G.One is just GONE… !!! :P :P
·         Kareena Kapoor looks smokin’ hot in the ‘Chamak Challo’ song! The song by itself is catchy. And her few minutes of wickedness were awesome. I am tellin’ you, she will do well as a villain. She has that wicked look down pat.
·         Arjun Rampal. He looked very good. Menacing and Evil. He looked the part and he acted the part. And in most scenes where he was, he owned the scene. The chap who played Akashi  Good work dude!
·         Some of the special effects were pretty darn good. And the sound effects  AWESOME! Background score  not so much!
·         Emotional scenes in a sci-fi movie have to be kept to a bare minimum. It ruins the pace of the movie. What could have been a damn good sci-fi movie is brought down by the disjointed emotional scenes and the awkward jokes.
·         SRK  please stop the sliding on the floor arms stretched as if to hug someone. It doesn't belong in this movie. Looked really stupid if u ask me. And please, why did you choose to be a Tamilian of all people? You struggled with the language. It broke my heart to see Tamil being mutilated like that. Yes! I am partial like that!
At the end of it all, Ra.One is nothing but a mish-mash of Terminator 2, Iron Man, Matrix and most of the super hero movies out there.
If you have watched them all, you are not missing anything here.
PS: Did anyone else notice that G.One read as GONE!! :P :P

Saturday, October 8, 2011

How old am I?? Apparently not very!! :P :P

So I came across this site while I was blog-hopping!! its a site that analyses your blog !!
Of course, I had to analyze my blog url as well
And this was the result..
"My Expression!! My Life!!"
"Text analysis"
" is probably written by a female somewhere between 13-17 years old. The writing style is personal and happy most of the time."
You dont believe me!! Check this!!
Sigh!! So, thats what my writing style comes across as teenage, adolescent. Wow! Brilliant! Just brilliant! And I thought I had crossed that bridge ages back!! Double Sigh!! :-(
Oh well.. So long as it is young!! :P Maybe this is the silver lining I gotta look out for! ;-)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A post that is as random as random gets!!

Yoo-hoo Anyone around??
Sigh! I thought as much! Hmmppff..!
Come back! Come back! See I have put up a post.. ...
This is the worst case of bloggers block youll ever see.. Me that is! I have no ideas in mind, nothing eventful to share, no news at all.. Blank! Zilch! Totally clean slate here!!
Ah yes! You might ask now why I called you all back saying I have put up a post..
Err..! Would it be very cheesy if I said that I missed blogging despite not having one single thing to write about yep! I can see you nodding yes!!
By the way, just to remind you all, my blog turned 5 on Sep 10.
Yes! That was a couple of days back and yes I missed it! No need to point that out to me.. I feel guilty as it is!
You know every time September rolls around; I know that one of the dates in there is my blogs birth date (exactly as cheesy as it sounds) and I always miss it. And I always have to figure out whether I am putting up the right number of years. I end up doing all sorts of weird calculations. I was not so sure whether this year my blog turned 5 or 6. Well, I was never really good at math anyways!!
In other news here, I bought a new phone. Technically, my husband bought it for me. Its Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and no sooner than I had bought it, I had to give it for servicing.. For some strange reason, the screen kept popping out. But now I have gotten it back after servicing and alls well for now! Fingers crossed
I also went to a couple of book sales here and realized that I hate book sales. Point to be noted, I love books but I hate book sales. The whole concept of hundreds of books just lying there in cardboard containers while people rummage through them is so not my scene. For one Claustrophobia!! Yes! Too many people milling around for you to have a peaceful look through. Nope! Not my cup of tea at all. The one book sale that I thought I might find something good turned out to be an event that was more crowded than the Kumbh Mela. Not that I have been to the Kumbh Mela, but you get the drift!! There was one single queue to bill the books at 4 different counters and that one queue was like a mile long, with loops in concentric circles. Yes! I am not kidding!! Its exactly as complicated as it sounds. I scooted from there as soon as I could find my way out. Phew! Too crowded! I hate crowds! Id much rather go to a nice book store and pay a little bit extra but find the book I want in a peaceful place.
Oh! And I saw that movie Mankatha. Interesting concept! I could not figure out where the heck the movie was heading until the last scene. Which by then was the whole clue to the puzzle types. Ajith is literally in full form and all over the movie, what with this being his 50th movie! He looks good in that salt n pepper get up! Good movie! Or at least worth a onetime watch! That also reminds me, I saw two good Malayalam movies Salt N Pepper and Chappa Kurishu! Malayalam cinema seems to be testing unchartered waters Chappa Kurishu is one helluva movie!
Right! So thats the most random post that you will have read in recent times! So now you know that I was not kidding about my bloggers block! I am honest about such things, if not anything else! ;-)
So with that ladies and gentlemen, I take your leave for the moment
I shall be back soon famous last words!! :P :P

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers!!

So I lost my phone. Yes the same phone that I kept bragging about here. Looks like someone up there thought I was into it a little too much! So there you go! I lost it!
There I was returning from a well-played hour of badminton, super-happy in my winning 3 games out of 4 (looks like I never learn about bragging! Hmm!), and I left the phone in the cab. Funny how these things happen, eh! And usually, I am not a careless person. I take care of my things with a maniac like precision! Serious! The cab driver hurried me into getting out of the cab, I had like a pile of stuff in my hand and thus the phone that was almost-always a part of my arm got left behind! And of all the days that I get a receipt for the cab ride, that day I did not! Mr.Murphy was right with me!! And the worst part!! I noticed that I did not have my phone the minute the cab revved up and left I looked it like I was looking at my best friend speed away! And then I sprinted like Usian Bolt up to my friends place and started pulling out stuff out of my bag in a bid to see if my phone was there somewhere. See in my minds eye, I still could not believe that I had left it in the cab. 
Anyways, what followed after that was a couple of hours of calling my phone, filing reports with the police, the cab company, calling up the bank to see if we can trace the cab through my payment transaction id, changing required passwords, etc etc. Nothing helped, of course! Now I am back to using my old phone, the same old Sony Ericsson Sigh! My contact list on the phone has exactly 10 numbers, close friends and family! I do have a backup of my old numbers, but I am much too lazy right now to enter all those into my new sim card. I feel handicapped sometimes without the 3g. I was addicted to it, to say the least. I am back to using my 1 GB mp3 player.  The one that I got with my first ever salary!! Sure, using the old phone and the player brings back a lot of memories. :-)
The next day after I lost my phone, I was searching for it on my side table the first thing in the morning. Yes!! It was my alarm clock, my music player, my connection to the world, all rolled into one! Right! I know it is just a phone, I know I can replace it with something else; I know there are always alternatives to staying connected! But I also know that I miss my phone and I miss it in my hand! It felt right there! Go ahead; call me a loony-bin! I dont care! So much for the melodrama eh! :-P
Well, until the search for a new phone ends the rock-solid (literally!) Sony Ericsson and the sturdy old Philips player it is!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The end of the 10 day challenge. Last 4 days in one post! Phew!

Oh my god!
This has to be the longest anyone ever took to complete a 10-day challenge! Damn! And I thought it was going to be easy, and good for me, because its talking about myself for 10 days! I mean who would not have liked that! Turns out its not as much fun as I thought it would be. For one, its unbelievably boring! Talking about myself I mean! I simply have to rack my brains to think up of stuff to write and at the end of it, I feel like I am back in school, filling up a slam book. Maybe its just not for me. Kudos to all you others who took it up and finished it on time too!
So here I am completing the challenge all in one go! In one post! And may that be the end of it!
Day 7 - Four Books
Book 1: The Godfather! I can go on and on about why I love this book and how dreamy I find Michael Corleone. Actually Michael Corleone. Enough said.
Book 2: Books on hindu mythology. The latest in the pack being the Immortals of Meluha! And add a whole lot of other books like  - the Palace of Illusions, The Pregnant King, Ashok Bankers Ramayana Series, The Mahabharata etc to it!
Book 3: I have said this before and I will say it again. The Harry Potter Series. You gotta give it to that woman for the imagination that she has! I know a lot of my friends criticize the book, but its one of the best things that has happened to the literary world! Whats the world without a bit of fun, fantasy, magic and villains?
Book 4: There is a song for every dance Mridula Martis. The book is about a lady who quits her high-paying job and goes to learn dance! And then starts a dance school! Need I say more?? And she gets a dancer tattoo too!! :-)
Day 8 Three Films
Ok! This is HARD!
Random choices off the top of my head!
3 Manichithrathazhu. Love the movie. Can watch it n-number of times. But only the original.
Day 9 Two Songs
Ok! Again randomly
1.     Its the time of my life Dirty Dancing
2.     Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji Ishqiya. (Haunting song and lyrics!)
Day 10 One picture.
Here you go! I am putting up two pics here. Yes, I am vain like that! I love both these two pics! Both clicked by friends at various times! I normally am not very happy with the way I look in pics but these two I love!
Thank you Dileep and Manu! :-)
Pic 1 - Clicked by Dileep

 Pic 2 - Clicked by Manu

Ah it’s done! The 10 day Challenge is over! 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Ten Day Challenge: Day 6 - Five Foods!!

Yes! When you look at me, it will look as though I dont eat much! Actually I dont.. But whatever I like I eat quite well!! 
This is gonna be a short post here goes!
1.     Idichakka Poduthuval  Idichakka is tender jackfruit. Idichakka thoran / poduthuval as we call it at home, is a mouthwatering dish when it is prepared well. Its quite a tedious and messy job cleaning up the jackfruit but the taste compensates for it all.  
2.     Fried rice and Gobi Manchurian  An all time favorite. Its a standard order when we go to Indian restaurants.
3.     Grandmoms Potato curry  I have no idea how a simple dish like this can be turned awesome. And I still cant get it right even when I try my level best. All she does is fry up the potatoes till its golden brown and I can never quite manage to get the same taste how many ever times I try! She makes it all the time when I visit her in Coimbatore and serves it simple rice and ghee. Tastes divine!
4.     Moms Vegetable Pulao  Love this! Of course this one I never tried making. Too much effort and I am as lazy as they come!
5.     Curd Rice and Egg Omelets - :-) This combo rocks! :-) 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Ten Day Challenge: Day 5 - Six Places!!

And now its day 5 Six places!
Ok! Frankly I dont know what this refers to! Whether its places that I love to be in always, or places that I loved going to, getaway places, or just ones that capture my fancy!
I am going to put here 6 random places from my list because I have a lot of places that I love going to depending on my mood and they all wont fit here on the list!!
Here we go!
1.     Meenakshi Gardens Rajagrha! :-) Also easily referred to as kalam or the farmhouse!! Its the place that I spent a bit of my childhood in and I love this place! It makes me feel all good and nice and warm whenever I visit there lots of trees, and some amazing memories!
2.     Home @ Sumukham. Theres a place that I never get bored these days at! Probably because I dont get to visit and stay there as much as I would like! Yes! I miss home!! Dont rub it in!
3.     Hyderabad! I love that place for a whole lot of reasons. :-) The first flat that we all stayed in, the subsequent move to a PG, the office anecdotes ..
4.     The best place for a getaway for me is a place where there is a lot of quiet around, lots of calmness, lots of trees etc Ashwins home at Kerala is one such place. It is very calm, lots of greenery with a river running along the backside of the home and when it rains, you feel like you are in a hillstation! :-)
5.     Singapore. If I ever had to leave this place, I would miss it sorely. There are so many memories associated with this place, good bad and ugly. But the good outweighs the bad so theres that! All thanks to a great bunch of awesome friends! :D
6.     If theres one place that I would be in, given a choice, it would have to be INDIA. Any place in India works as long as its India. No I am not saying this because I am fiercely patriotic or anything like that. But I love being in India. I love everything about it. I will crib and complain and be disgusted at a lot of things about it but its still home in a larger sense and its the place that I want to go back to after my around the world in a few years  :P :P 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Ten Day Challenge: Day 4 - Seven Wants!!

This one I am going to enjoy writing. :P
The wants are in no specific order and just ones that popped into my head RIGHT NOW. I have a lot more desires that are just waiting to be fulfilled. :-) Anyone listening up there??  
1.     Go back to India for a vacation. Like RIGHT NOW if I could! For a looooonnnnnnggg vacation! I miss my home! :( Its been AGES since I went home!
2.     To learn dance from Shobhana. I have heard that she is a tough teacher but I love her style of dancing. Also to keep learning dancing!
3.     All the books in my wishlist. (And that is one long list I tell you!)
4.     A room in my future house which is big enough to hold all my books, have enough space to dance, and is done entirely in shades of colors that I love and lots of windows and is on the topmost floor.
5.     Small holidays every year, 2-3 times at least visiting new destinations and not always beaches!
6.     To learn swimming so that I can get over my fear of water above nose level. Easier said than done! I know!
7.     To have a slumber party with my girls. :-) like old times! 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Ten Day Challenge: Day 3 - Eight Fears!

Onto day 3 of the challenge (Okie! Its day 5!! I know! You dont have to point it out again saying I missed 2 days! Hmmppff!!)

Anyways day 3 of the ten day challenge is to write about EIGHT FEARS
You know, I wish I could be all brave and mighty and say that I fear nothing. But unfortunately thats not the case. I would love for it to be, but never mind!
Fear 1: Losing my family or something happening to any of them! I constantly am scared of this, but I tend to keep a low profile about it.
Fear 2: I will say this yet again. FEAR OF LIZARDS. Also add irritation and annoyance and exasperation at seeing one of those slimy creatures. BLEH!! Scoliodentosaurophobia thats what it is called. I just found out. And the very word sounds bad-ass scary! And I am not even sure if its true! Closest that I came to was Herpetaphobia which is fear of reptiles. Mine is only lizards so well Enough on this, really!
Fear 3: Water above my head! No I dont have a name for this. Its not exactly fear of water but just water going above my nose level, to be very specific. I tend to get a little disoriented in water. Even less steady than I am on ground.
Fear 4: I am highly terrified about not being able to dance anymore at any point in my life. How or why and all that I dont know! Its an irrational fear, alright!
Fear 5: Losing friendships / relationships. I dont think anybody likes this. But seriously, I have lost a lot of friends, people I thought were on my same wavelength and then something happens that ends up in breaking off I have written about this here.
Fear 6: No money! Yep! I am always scared that I will become bankrupt. Financially insecure. Not that I am doing a lot to make myself secure now! But its a fear!

Tomorrow Day 4 Seven wants!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Ten Day Challenge: Day 2 - Nine Loves!

So the 10-day challenge turned out to be a downer eh! I am sure thats what you all are thinking! She just says these things and never gets around to doing it. Ha! Heres where you guys are mistaken! This time I have a valid excuse! No internet at home. And I cant type blogs like these on my phone however smart it is! Its a big pain!
We painted our house over the weekend. And thats a story for a separate post. Suffice to say, house looks like a tambrahm wedding card!
So getting on with the ten-day challenge!
To make up for the lost time... Lets get started shall we
Day 2 Ten day challenge NINE LOVES
1.     My Family of course this goes without saying.
2.     Friends Some of them are absolute gems! Some know exactly what to say to bring a smile on my face. Some know when to stop talking and when just to let me rant and rave. Some are the ones that I call on at any given point of day and night and they would still be there for me. And yes! These lists overlap.. much like the Venn Diagrams! :P
3.     Dance This is something that I cant imagine my life without. Its my passion, its my way of expressing feelings, its my way of communicating, and its always a part of me
4.     Books Another thing that I cannot live without! Give me a book; you have a happy me!
5.     Holidays especially ones that are to back home! I love visiting my home after a while, going to each nook and corner, seeing what has changed and whether my stuff is still in the same place etc yes much like a dog you could say! New destinations, forest treks, adventure sports, bring it on!
6.     Massages and spa treatments Ah! Bliss! Who doesnt love a bit of pampering!!! I wouldnt say no to a spa package!! The luxury!!
7.     Me-time! I love having some me-time once in a while too. Doing my own thing. At my own pace. Indulging in whatever I feel like. I sometimes like to be alone and by myself. And I love that time that I get! Just for me! All mine!
8.     I love having a job! I have already written about my sentiments on that here and here. So well no more on that eh! I also love the smell of books, petrol, fresh paint, turpentine, kerosene, the fog that lingers after bursting crackers, the smell of the earth when it rains yes, I know! Its a long list, but I had to say it!
9.     I love learning new things, be it dance, or some tool at work, or even a new hobby! Something that interests me, I love getting to know a lot more about it! Call it curiosity or pigheadedness.
That sums up day 2. Onto day 3 Eight fears!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The 10-day Challenge: Day 1 - Ten Secrets!

I came across this on Preetis blog.
The 10-day challenge post! To write 10 secrets, 9 loves, 8 fears, 7 wants, 6 places, 5 foods, 4 books, 3 films, 2 songs, and 1 picture of yourself! 
Need I say more? Its going to make sure I blog regularly for 10 days, albeit about myself (but then who doesnt like talking about themselves ;-) ) win-win situation for me if you look at it! ;-)
So without much further ado
Well... not so much secrets as random facts! But what the heck! Any reason to blog especially now that blog rank has taken a huge dive!! Here we go!
1.     I dont like the skin that forms on the top of milk. Or any beverage that uses milk. I loathe it. It makes me want to puke.
2.     I hate lizards. I am petrified if they are anywhere in the room. I am constantly on alert if I catch sight of them anywhere and I will not be at peace until the lizard leaves the room or I do. In most cases, the lizard wins and I leave the room! Bah!
3.     I used to be a big crybaby when I was a kid. Actually well into my teens. I used to cry at the drop of a hat for the slightest of things. I remember when I was about 8 or so, I went crying to my grand mom saying that the uncle in the opposite flat kept on looking at me. Yes! You can feel sorry for the sissy I was!
4.     I read the same books over and again. Yes! More than twice actually. I have read all the books that I own including the Twilight and the Harry Potter series at least 5-6 times. I have lost count of how many times I have read the Godfather. I also read some blogs over and again! Even Archie comics!
5.     I sometimes have crushes on literary characters. For the longest time ever, I had a huge crush on Michael Corleone. I absolutely adored him! The cold, calculating personality and that bad-ass attitude made me go weak in the knees every time I read Godfather! Also Sirius Black, from Harry Potter! The rebellious nature, no doubt!
6.     I used to write diaries when I was a teenager. About my take on life, crushes, people who annoyed me, curses, everything that I wanted to! And I was highly secretive about it. I kept them in a locked suitcase and I hid the key in a different hiding place every time. Until I forgot where I hid it. And then I had to break open the lock! Sigh!
7.     I have a fixed routine in the way I do things! Anything for that matter! I think I get that from my dad! And I always try to do it the same way possible if the first time proved lucky in some way. Like wear the same earrings, use the same route, etc! Superstitious or Super Predictable. Take your pick!
8.     I am a creature of habit. And I find it hard to change. I order the same hot chocolate from the same café in office, hot chocolate in the mornings, and cappuccino in the afternoons with strawberry cheesecake. So much so that whenever I go to the café, they now know my order by heart. I have been having that for the past 4 months now. Every single weekday! And the same combination for lunch on most days! Yes! I should get a life! I know!
9.     I read in the bathroom. I HAVE TO have something to read in the loo. If by chance I dont have anything to read then I end up reading the instructions, ingredients etc on the back of the shampoos and soaps.
10.   I cannot eat or drink when I am sleepy. I lose interest in food and drink when I feel sleepy. Weird I know! But I just cant eat when that happens. Probably sleep takes a higher priority over food. :P
There you go! 10 secrets / random facts about me!
Coming up tomorrow  day 2 NINE LOVES!! 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The nostalgic meme!!

Yes I succumbed to doing a tag! So much for will-power! Sigh!!
Ripped this from Sunday Stealing”… Who in turn stole it from Emily Barton who I read came up with this meme / tag herself!
I am in a bit of a nostalgic mood and this one is perfect I guess for this situation when you are nostalgic and you feel like writing but you cant think of anything to write ..
So there you go!!
Emilys Rules:
Depending on your age, go back 10, 15, 20, or even more years.
Tell us how many years back you have traveled and why.
Pretend you have met yourself during that era, and tell us where you are.
You only have one date with this former self.
Answer these questions.
Okay, as we start, what year is it and how old are you?
Going back 10 years into year 2001 and I am back to being a pesky, impertinent 17 year old! Yes! Some things havent changed in 10 years time
Why 10 years back?
I think theres a whole lot of stuff about me that has changed in these past 10 years much more than before that..!! and 17 is a good place to start the teenage, adolescent years!!
Would your younger self (YYS, from here) recognize you when you first meet?
Nope! Oh yes! She would probably recognize me by face and physical characteristics but not by character or ideals or the person I have turned out to be!
Would YYS be surprised to discover what you are doing job wise?
Yup! You see, 17 year old me, thought she was going to be a Chartered Accountant like her dad or have something to do with finance or accounts or even dance for that matter! Not Project Management definitely. She hadnt even heard of Project Management back then and certainly not jobs dealing with that .
What piece of fashion advice would you give YYS?
Ditch the bangs, the boyish t-shirts and straight cut jeans! Would probably take her out now and buy a bunch of cooler stuff!! Like maybe some nice fitted t-shirts and jeans that shows off the slim waistline!
What do you think YYS is most going to want to know?
How did I turn out to be like this at 27? How did I change so much? And who am I married to?
How would you answer YYSs question?
I would tell her to wait and watch! ;-) theres no fun in knowing whats in store for you the sense of mystery is all that keeps us going these days! ;-)
What would probably be the best thing to tell YYS?
Baby.. youre going to make a lot of mistakes along the way! But dont worry everyone makes mistakes!! Some learn from them, some dont!
Fortunately for you, you learn from them! And the lessons you learn youll put them to good use! ;-) Youll know what I mean when you reach here!
What is something that you probably wouldnt tell YYS?
I wouldnt tell her anything in the first place, except for that bit of advice you just read above. So that shes slightly prepared! ;-) Why spoil the fun in its entirety!
What do you think will most surprise YYS about you?
The person I have become from the person she thought she was Oh hell! She is so gonna be stunned!!
What do you think will least surprise YYS?
That I have continued with my dance!
At this point in your life, would YYS like to run into you from the future?
Oh yes! A bit of mistakes, a lot of learning, some new skills, and a brand new career She is gonna be proud of me! ;-)

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