Friday, December 11, 2009

The perils of growing up!!!

You know, I've always thought of myself as someone who is not too rigid about stuff, kinda dont-carish in a way, and someone who is ready for anything impromptu sorts. But in the recent past, I've noticed stuff about myself that is new to me. I was not like that! In fact I ridiculed people who were like that. And now I am one of them! 

I used to be the kind who was ready for any sort of plan at any time, someone who was not bothered about messy stuff, someone who could pull an all-nighter if required, sitting up and talking till dawn breaks out types. Now, not so much! 

I think twice before making some sort of plan with friends wondering if it would upset my daily routine. I hate it when the kitchen is a mess and there are dirty dishes lying in the sink. I can pull an all-nighter to an extent only that I really need atleast 6 hours of sleep after that. I prefer a small crowd of 4-5 people more than the huge gatherings that I used to like. I like spending time at home rather at going out. And worst of all I hate it when my routine or whatever I have planned for the time being gets disrupted. 

And I have no friggin' clue why! What do I attribute this change to? 

Marriage? Getting older? Or as my mom would like to say, She's finally grown up!! Argh!

As much as I try to be light-hearted and in the moment type as I was earlier, its becoming more and more difficult as days go by. 

I crave for stability and some sort of a routine these days! Of course there is a lot of routine stuff that happens! But you know what I mean! 

Ah well... the perils of growing up! Phew!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Do you think.. ??

--> Do you think, the older you become the harder it is to find people of your same wavelength? 

--> Do you think, the older you become relationships that you took for granted once become increasingly complex?

--> Do you think, the older you become the more hard it is for you to change your mindset about certain things?

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