Friday, October 23, 2009

A Tribute to My Blog Friends :-)

You know, it’s actually been a while since I posted anything on my actual blog… you know this one here where I take out my frustrations, give my reviews on movies etc etc…..

But well here I am…and this time I want to write about the people on my blog roll, under the heading “Frequent Reads”…

The whole list that you see there is actually a mixed up bunch of people… some whom I know very well… some whom I have met maybe once or twice and lots of them whom I have never met. One way or the other I got hooked on reading their blogs… actually half of those guys hardly even know that their link is on my blog… or maybe they do, who knows?

But the fact goes that, some of them are my good friends now. And they are actually people whom I never ever expected to meet or be friends with, like Nags for example. :-) She is like a god-send here in Singapore for me. Thank God you are here girl!

And then there’s Rat – Ratheesh, who’s a rather avid commentor (is that even a word!) on my blogs… This guy I never met till now… But come someday I will meet you and your ‘thiruvathira’ gang…

The one’s I have never met include Meenakshi, Bikerdude, Sidin, Jammy, Sayesha, Silence Killed (that’s Sheetal – I met her through Rat’s and Soorya’s blogs!), Jerusha, Krishashok, Interesting Facts and Vikram… Phew! That’s quite some list… but all said and done, I admire these guys’ blogs for various reasons. If I am feeling down or depressed or even angry / frustrated, all I do is just open up one of their blogs and read… it brings an instant change of mood and trust me, some of them are hilarious like Jammy and Sidin for instance. I feel so little when I compare my blogs to the way some of them write theirs … It makes me go WOW!!!

And then there’s Vaishnavi and Srinidhi. They are two of my best friends. And theirs is a friendship that I know that I can pick up from where we left, no questions asked, no answers told. It’s as easy and effortless as it comes. Love them both! :-)

There are also couple of blogs that I have gotten to know through Vaishnavi’s like Aditya’s and Soorya’s blogs. I have met both of them precisely once and I doubt if they remember the time we met! Rahul is yet again another friend with whom I had lost contact but now back on track.. Manu’s and Pradeep’s blogs I came to know through Ashwin (my hubby) as they are his friends and now mine too.

64DC (Shivapratap), Anup, Alma Mater, Glen, Murali, Nikhil, Piya, Poornima, Rajeswari, and Satheesh Sir are all friends from college … and some of their write ups are just amazing… Simply out of this world!

Lokesh, Sanup, and Ninad are colleagues from the company I worked before.

And finally Sandhya – the person who inspired me to blog! I am not kidding! I love reading her blogs… and her blogs were the one that put the thought into my mind that I should start blogging too… so thanks a ton Sandhya...!! I owe you one!

And so here I am …

At my 180th post.

With 4289 visitors as on 24th October 2009 with the clock inching towards 1:30 in the morning.


That’s my story for now! Till later…. Adios! :-)

PS: Have been wanting to post this for a long time now… was too lazy… so well.. :D


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  2. Stumped... njaan keri angu famous aayallo..

  3. My dear BFF- Love "US" for the same reason you mentioned - Its so easy to maintain "US"! ;) Love you too Aishu!!

  4. Thanks for this post! feels great! and I guess its the first-of-it-kind - writing abt ppl on ur blog roll :)


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