Thursday, November 19, 2009

Food haunts in Hyderabad!!

Do you like street food? You know, like the roadside paani-puri stalls, the hawkers selling samosas, local tea stalls where they give you the tea in dirty tea glasses? Ah! I thought so! I like them too ... They taste really yummy!!!

My exposure to street food began when I moved to Hyderabad for work. The flat that I was staying at earlier with my friends from college was in a lane that was filled with cheap and local food stalls where you get everything ranging from rotis to chicken to the ever-famous hyderabadi dum biriyani. Hyderabad has a lot of places where you can enjoy a great meal at reasonable dirt-cheap prices and the quality of the food will not be compromised upon either. But apart from that, for the street food that I am talking about, when and if you visit Hyderabad, do check out these places! 

I guarantee that you will like it. 

Now this list of places or eateries are not just street food or local delicacies. They are places that serve great FOOD. 

Disclaimer: this post can tend to get a little long.

Paradise's Chicken Biriyani. If you are in Hyderabad and you are a non-vegetarian, it would be a crime to miss this! This place serves the best chicken biriyani in Hyderabad. And take my word for it, it's awesome! If you like spicy food, when you place the order tell them to make it 'double masala'. Mmm.... :D

Just diagonally opposite to Paradise is a small nondescript vegetarian restaurant called 'Shree Dhaba'. The Paranthas here are mind-blowing. Prices are reasonable too. A little further down from Shree Dhaba is a paan shop where you get great paan called Dimmy Paan shop. They have an amazing variety of paans too. 

On the other side of Paradise is a sweet shop called Dadu's. The jalebis here are mouth-wateringly delicious. They make these hot-hot jalebis right in front of you. One of the best things that you can have when its raining. Also, they have amazing kulfis. And their sweets are out of this world. Really! 

Oh! also Paradise-chai. Best to have this early in the morning say around 6:30 sorts when you are on the way back from a journey. They ope at about 5:00 in the morning and the chai-biskoot is just out of this world. The biscuits just melt in your mouth. 

Okie ... If I start writing like this, I am never going to finish this post. So here's a better way. 

The Bengali paani-puri stall near Nalli's in Begumpet. After you fill your palate with those big puris ask the guy to make you masala puris. These are the dry puris and they taste amazing! 

Maharaja Chaat Bandar near the Kaveri water tank on the way to Hitec city near Madhapur. Try out paani-puris and dahi-puri here. Mind-blowing would be an understatement. 

Mirchi Bhajjis with Tamarind sauce spread liberally over them at 'Balaji Mithai Bandar' at Kukatpally shopping street. 

Chicken lollipops and Rumali rotis at Al-fatha Hotel in Karkhana.

Paani-puri, Sev puri at S.R.Nagar junction. Also the mirchi bhajjis with onions and chutney. 

Chicken Tikka Masala at Hunter's Roost - Yatri Nivas near Begumpet. 

Needs Dhaba in the bylane next to Lifestyle building in Begumpet. 

Punjabi Rasoi near Gachibowli junction.

Eat Street in Necklace road. Try the Ohri's stall there.

Breakfast Bundis at KBR Park. The egg dosa and the onion dosa there is out of this world. 

Right opposite to Motorola building in Hitec city is a small gully that leads to a few places that serve food for the office-goers. Try one of these for good telugu meal with pappu, rasam, podi, etc.

Guntur Idli at the Chutneys restaurant.

Try out juices at the Rasranjan Juice Stall in Abids. Try out the strawberry juice there. Its just brilliant. 

And now for the best of the lot. 

There's this place in Koti where they have these breakfast bundis. You get there at like 7:00-7:30 in the morning and start off by ordering a plate of idlis. I am telling you, they are the best in the world! No, not even mom makes idlis like these! I am sorry Amma! The guy gives you about 4 idlis in a plate topped with chutney and podi sprayed liberally. Oh My God! Thinking about it makes my mouth water. If I can manage 2 plates of those idlis, then think about how good they must be! And idli is never one of my favorite dishes. It falls into my sick-man's food category. But this one... Mmmm... you can just keep eating it... 

And once you are done with the idlis, move over to the shop right at the corner of the street and ask for a 'Paneer Dosa'. Let me explain how this guy makes this amazing mind-blowing, out-of-this-world dosa. He puts batter onto a tava greased with oil, spreads a mixture of the idli podi and chilly powder on top of it, puts a big chunk of masala (the ones they use in a masala dosa - aloo, onions etc) on it, evens it, puts a big blob of butter on that, lets the butter melt over the dosa and then grates paneer over it like no one's business until there's like a huge chunk of paneer on it until you ask him to stop. He just keeps grating it. Phew! And then, he rolls over the edges of the dosa and hands it over to you on a plate with 2 types of chutney. 

Okie I cannot write anymore. Just thinking about it makes me feel hungry and craving for the dosa. Phew! 

Anyways, next time I go to Hyderabad, I will make sure to take a video of this. Its worth it.  Trust me! 

Now I gotta go eat something. Writing about all that food has made me hungry! 

Until later!! :)


  1. oooh.... yummy post :) sooo wish i could have those idli's.... been craving idli's for quite some time now.. :(

  2. had i been to Chutneys ? Standing at the entrance of this hotel, can we see a fly-over ? If yes, I had been :-D

  3. Damn I feel hungry and frustrated right now! Gulp! I cant wait to go to Hyderabad now ;) eat meat now??? I have not been in your life too long my girlfriend! :P

  4. @ Nags --> Join the club! E'time I think of Hyd and the amazing food, even if I have just eaten, I'm hungry again!

    @ Poorni --> Heheh.. Murugan's idli shop.. here we come! :P

    @ Rat --> Yes, that's the Punjugutta flyover which went down in recent times and then they rebuilt it.

    @ Vaish --> I will join u in going to Hyd !! :) I can't wait to go there myself! Adn Vaish don't kill me.. But yeah I eat meat :D ...

  5. You just introduced me to an entirely new list of eating joints! Thanks

  6. i love ur post. I'm a hyderabadi, but a vegetarian by choice.
    next time u come i want u to try the pizzas at pizza den in sec'bad near paradise (its open only in the evenings)
    and the dabeli at bombay chat wala near haridwar on d same road as pizza den.
    a lil further if u go u will c nawabi chowpati, which is again cool for chat
    and lastly in that lane u must try roti shoti above nawabi chowpati, which serves very tasty food

  7. Good one, will explore few for sure.

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  9. Hey, You missed of the Hyderabad special and well known dish... Anyways, nice blog...

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