Monday, January 24, 2011

A Tag a day saves the Blog!! ;-)

So much for my tall claims of trying to blog regularly…
I can see how that turned out!! :P
Okie, I am in full form now… ever since I found this wonderful site called ‘Sunday Stealing’ with tags, tags and more tags… and its awesome.. And now I am so glad that there’s someone doing all the tag-stealing for me ;-) you all know how obsessed I am with tags.. :-) They are a sure fire way to rescue your blog from death and you from a blogging hiatus…
And without much further ado… here’s a tag!!
But this one is not from the site, at least I don’t know if it has been up on the site..!!
This is from Calcutta Chromosome and I picked it up!! I had to write something to save my blog from going into oblivion….
Here we go!
20 years ago I…
  • was 6 years old
  • probably had just figured that I was going to have to start going to school for the entire day day instead of the usual half days 
  • crying my eyes out for every small thing.. (Did u know that I used to be a big crybaby!! )

 10 years ago I… 
  • was preparing for my tenth standard board exams
  • had just started discovering what the terms ‘crush’ and ‘infatuation’ really meant!
  • Had my whole life planned out on a piece of paper in my diary! ;-)

 5 years ago I…
  • Was in the middle of MBA wondering what in the devil crossed my mind to take up this degree…
  • Had just discovered ‘sms’ and was exploiting it to the fullest extent.
  • Was also wondering how I was going to explain to my dad that I did not want to do finance! :P

3 years ago I…
  • Was having a good time living on my own, first with friends and then in a PG where I made other friends :) Ah! The newfound independence ;-)
  • Was in Hyderabad working for the now-infamous Satyam Computers
  • Learning to deal with excel and the problems it brought along (read vlookup, pivots and other formulae)

1 year ago I…
  • had just come back from the most amazing new years’ vacation to Phuket
  • was furiously searching for a job!
  •  Was not a very big fan of Singapore as it was not giving me what I wanted !!!

So far this year I…  
  • Have found myself a good job!
  • Made some good friends with whom I am having good times!
  • Have made a few resolutions which almost immediately I broke ;)

Yesterday I… 
  •  Went for a movie with my hubby and some friends which I then hated!
  • Started reading this long-awaited book called “Immortals of Meluha’
  • Wanted to blog which I did not and finally ended up catching up on my sleep!! :-)

 Today I… 
  • Am blogging after a long break – ok! Yes! I know its only a tag! :-P :-P
  • Had a relatively good day all things considered.
  • Am thinking of what to cook after posting this!

Tomorrow I will…
  • Try to get up early and go to work on time and do some number-crunching
  • Hopefully finish ‘Immortals of Meluha’
  • And start reading Ramesh Menon’s ‘Mahabharata’

In the next year I will… 
  • Learn some new types of dance
  • Read a lot more
  • Visit some new places ;-)

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