Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ambitous me ;)

When I was young there were a lot of things that i wanted to become...
like in the 7th-8th standard i wanted to become a journalist (don ask me why..) and i always had this image of myself wearing a long kurta and a shoulder bag, wearing spectacles and holding a notepad and a pen - thanks to the movies;)... in the 9th-10th standards i wanted to become a newsreader(i think this is one thing that all girls aspire to become)..gone were the dreams of a journalist but atleast i was connected to the media world ;)!! i actually wanted to become a newsreader 'coz i loved that bearded guy (i later found out his name was Prannoy Roy) and i wanted to read the news alongside him... :)...

i gave up on science(or rather science gave up on me) after my tenth standard and i waltzed into the world of accounts, commerce etc and then i wanted to become a CA(chartered accountant)... thanks to my dad who also was one...!!! and then i chose to do B.Com after my higher secondary. but my ambition to become a CA was still going strong... i enrolled in the CA foundation course and then promptly flunked the exams... reality struck and i realized that CA was not my cup of coffee :(... then i found that a group of girls in my college were busy preparing for CAT.. at that point of time i didn't even know what that meant... i soon found out all about it and MBA beckoned... it was by chance that i decided to do an MBA and even then i wasn't too sure... i was thinking about courses in event management, company secretaryship, public relations etc...

however with my abysmally low cat percentile i joined ASB for my MBA and here i am now about to finish... 2 years have almost flown by and its been a wonderful time...!!! MBA has given me so many things and i have learnt so many things from here that these will be the best years of my education..!! :)

but hey MBA is almost over and i have also gotten a job now... but there are still lots of things that i wanna do... and lots of things that i wanna learn... and now that i have also found the perfect person to do them all along with... life is gonna be a breeze ..!!! :)


  1. Pretty neat, you just experimented when you were a student. I did it with my career too :)

  2. Pretty neat, you just experimented when you were a student. I did it with my career too :)


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