Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My life as a Working Professional....

I guess being out here on your own in the “big, bad corporate” world does teach you a whole lot of things about LIFE… Sometimes you feel that life is so good..!! That nothing can ever go wrong… and the minute you start feeling that well… Murphy’s Law comes into play..!! Heard of it…??? Things that could not possibly go wrong will start going wrong..!! So you see… it does have its plus and minus points… I mean at least for me… for a girl who specialized in HR and who used to hate excel sheets look at what Satyam landed me into..!!! A world of excel sheets analyzing business performance..!! That’s why I guess some wise guy cracked.. “If you can’t do what you like.. Like what you do...”!! heh heh..!! And guess what I discovered – excel can be fun too..!!! :-)..
Being in this world sure does give you a feel of importance…
I dunno how many of friends would agree with me on this… I love this world..!! Of course it might be too early for me to say that I love everything about my job but well so far it’s been good..!!
I remember the first time we were given access cards to enter into the sanctum sanctorum of the office…. Oh!! I felt like someone so significant..!! heh heh..!! More so than ever when this person whom I had called up with regard to something called me Ma’am..!! :p Lol… and to think the guy was in the same level as me..!! :-)…Small things such as attending team meetings, or calling up and confirming something from a higher-up.. going for long drawn out teas with the team at the local tea stall… drinking from those “supposedly dirty glasses”… having pani-puri from the local chaat wala… having the status in the office communicator set to “in a meeting” or “do not disturb”… infuses you with such a feeling of importance that it feels great..!! The high that it gives me is incomparable to anything else..!!
It feels good to hear when your roomie calls up and asks when are we going home..?? Is the apartment where we are staying actually home.. Well it is a home away from home.. Our own place.. No matter we pay an arm and a leg for it..!! And the exhilarating feel when u actually go out and buy something for the household (provisions and such)… and the fact that you actually think how much you are paying for it (it’s our hard-earned money after all..!!) and comparing brands… well… all I can is it’s quite an experience..!! Going back home to decide what to cook for the night and how to save up on stuff..!! I’m sure my friends would not agree on the cooking part.. as a disclaimer – my roomies cook and clean.. it’s a sorta contractual agreement…!!!;-)
My roomies are the most chilled out girls that I have come across so far… they let me be the way I am and the feeling’s mutual.. its like we have our own boundaries drawn out without even mentioning it aloud… our conversations are always filled with so much of laughter and fun that it feels great being with them… and to think these are the people with whom I mostly never even interacted with in college… to think that I missed out on knowing them earlier on in my MBA… shucks… but then for some things…”Better late than never”… isn’t it how the adage goes…
Its so much fun fending out on your own in this place… the fun times that I have had with these people are like beyond comparison with anything else… right from the time we spent at our training at STC, ashu’s log book incidents… glen’s witty comments in that kanjirapally slang…murali’s flirting with the chicks at STC… the long walks with adi in STC discussing crap…the royalty treatment that we RTLC analysts received at STC… the day we moved into this apartment that we call HOME…the amount of times we have gotten food from our very own – alfatha hotel – (yeah now its our own… the chappies in that place wud have made a lotta money from their “regular loyal customers: - US!!!)…the way we celebrated glen’s birthday sharp at midnight (she was the only one who liked the cake that we ordered for her.. me and ashu hated it..!!)…glen’s treat for the “amrita gang” at tarang (something I’m sure she wud not forget in a hurry)…the night they took me to the hospital when I puking my lungs out (as usual something I ate!!) … the time we all decided to go for “Chak De India” and then the guys goofed up and booked tickets for “Budda Mar Gaya” … the time we actually went for “Chak De India” (finally!!).. The day we decided to have a “Girls Night Out” and got sloshed on a bottle of Bacardi Reserva ( I was out by the third drink – not gonna do that anytime soon)…the time rahul, me, ashu and murali were up most of the night discussing things ranging from underwater creatures to ghosts.. and how we ended up scaring the wits out of murali with ashu dressing up like a ghost…the celebrations when India won the T-20 world cup…
And of course our “experiences” at the office… with prado, appachan, terror, gyaan guru, deep automation, king cobra…(nicknames for our colleagues…)… the different kinds of people we meet at our workplace…!!! The gang that like Udit said "is worth belonging to..." (I am a proud member of the so-called gang..)
Too many fun times…!! Too many good times…!! Lots of experiences to share with… they will definitely fill a book…actually a cupla books..!!

The fun things we do…the laughter we share…are a few things that show…how much we care!!!!

Till later.. ciao.. adios… sayonara…!! ;)


  1. Nice read. True, it feels heavenly to be part of one rocking gang. Juz like we ppl are!

  2. din see this blog until now..never paid attention..now brought tears to my eyes..v were kids stupid, happy..wish i could wind back the clock...:(


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