Monday, December 3, 2007

A Smooch from a Pooch :-)

It was a Saturday afternoon – a working Saturday. One of those weird days when u don’t feel like doing anything… me and my team along with my boss and my super boss(boss’ boss) had lunch at a ‘Pizza Hut’ near my office… came back to work at around 2:45 sorts while my super boss went on his way home..!! Saturday and all that! Humph!

And then we get a call from him saying that his mom had passed away (she was suffering for a long time, poor thing! May her soul rest in peace!) and that he had to leave immediately to Kolkata…there was some pending work to be completed with regards to a programme that was coming up in our unit so me, my boss and my colleague – cum – brother Kalyan went to Santanu’s (super boss) house.

The minute we reached Santanu’s place we saw him standing on the balcony with a huge hulk of a dog beside him. I kinda went weak in the knees. :-s I have always been fond of dogs but of late at a safe distance. We had dogs for pets when I was young and the one that I was very close to died when I was still a kid and somehow ever since have never been able to get close to another dog. Anyways all that apart, this one that was standing with Santanu looked HUGE! And SWEET as hell too! But I was still petrified! Thankfully as soon as we went in Santanu locked him up in a room and we got on with our work! Half-way through the work the conversation turned to dogs and their habits etc and Santanu started talking abt his “Jericho” and how he was a family dog and how he likes having people arnd him etc. Soon my boss and kalyan started contributing as to how they have had dogs etc and how much they like dogs, which breed is the best etc! Then, my boss very gallantly said “Santanu, why don’t u let Jericho out?”Santanu took one look at my face and asked me in a very hopeful sort of way, “Do u mind Aishwarya, are you scared of dogs? I don’t normally keep Jericho locked in. he hates that.” Now what do u say to that… I said no problems and my boss and Kalyan said that they can handle him etc etc…

The next few things that happened were like scenes out of a movie…

The big thing came rushing out of the room, happy at being let out, slipping on the mosaic with his big paws and came speeding up to all of us, sniffing each of us in turn. It got hold of my boss’s cell phone – Nokia N 95 – in its mouth and u shud have seen the look on my boss’s face..!! heheheh..!! Somehow my boss managed to get it out of its mouth and wiped it..! And then it lay down near his feet for a bit of time catching its breath while it regained its energy with my boss ruffling its head and rubbing it. About a couple of mins later, it got up again and started sniffing at each one of us, this time concentrating on me and Kalyan. It soon left Kalyan and started sniffing me. I was totally scared stiff and that would be an understatement. I was holding my breath and this thing was sniffing me like I was a piece of juicy steak. Whew!!! And then suddenly without any sort of warning it jumped on me keeping its front paws on my shoulders and gave one side of my face a thorough lick! Not just once or twice, but three whole times!!! And more over it snuggled me with its nose… I was seriously caught unawares and it was a pretty heavy dog. On one hand I was trying to catch my breath and on the other restrain the pooch… well quite a hard task. Thank god for Santanu who pulled Jericho away…!!! I let out a HUGE breath of relief.. But I guess I spoke too soon… Santanu was trying to put the dog back in the room when it broke loose and came rushing out again.. And guess who it came directly for… Yours Truly!!! It was like a rerun of the same thing.. Paws on my shoulders, cupla licks down my face and a snuggle..!! Phew!!
I was stunned..!! Totally, Entirely, Absolutely floored…

Santanu was explaining to me that I was one of the lucky ones and that was the lab’s way of greeting..! It does not do that with a lot of people and that it must like me a lot..!!
Well I like that… and I love Jericho!!! It’s such a cute pooch!!

But my boss and Kalyan did have something to contribute to it at the end as well..!!
Kalyan: “I knew there were a lot of guys who found u attractive and sexy and all that… but well DOGS too??... This I did not know!!”
Boss: “No Kalyan, You don’t understand, May be the dog has not been CROSSED!!!”…!!

Now how does one react to that!!! :-s


  1. I like dogs at a distance (lets fix that at 1.7km). Dad used to be of the same thought till a year back. I wonder why he had a change in opinion! Now there is a dog @home (excluding me)

  2. @ imthe - So what is this new addition to ur family like... all big, cute and lovable am sure!
    and btw can i know ur identity :)

  3. this new 'chap' is cream colored, chotu, and has sharp ears (literally). It 'smiles' at me when it sees me (smile is what i call it opening its mouth and panting). Its chotu, lovable alright, but when it barks, the neighbors - 2 furlong away - will come to know. But it barks only once in a blue moon!
    as far as my identity goes, here is a clue -> you know me, yet you dont know me! (What a clue!!!!)


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