Thursday, January 31, 2008

Small Things..!!!

You know how sometimes some things that u see make u feel all lighthearted and good abt the fact that life is not all that bad… things that draw an involuntary smile onto ur face…

I just witnessed a couple of instances that made me feel all happy and cheerful…

Yesterday night I had gone to the nearby restaurant to get dinner… I was waiting for my order when my eyes fell on this old couple having their dinner at a table nearby. And they were really old… past their 60’s definitely…!! It struck me as quite surprising that they had come out for dinner..! but what struck me even more than that was the love and the camaraderie that they shared still… the grandpa was having dosa and the grandma was having pulao … she leaned over to her husband and gave him a piece of paneer from her plate saying I know how much u like paneer and therefore you have it while her husband was protesting…!! It amazes me to see that kind of love still alive and the spark and twinkle in that grandma’s eyes when she saw her husband eating that piece of paneer that she gave him… what astonished me was the fact that they still took out time to come out for dinner as a couple and take an evening out for themselves… frankly I have not seen a lot of people who do that..!! it was really cute…

Today morning I was waiting for Kalyan to come and pick me up from our usual meeting point when I saw an auto standing nearby… there were 3 kids (1 boy and 2 small girls) and an old man in the auto…! Hyderabad in the early morning is really cold these days and this old man had wrapped his shawl around those 2 girls.. Cute girls.. Probably on their way to the school!! The whole sight was so striking … it drew an involuntary smile onto my face..!! Just the way that he had wrapped his shawl around those 2 kids spoke volumes by itself…It is heart-rending to see that kind of love on display…!!

It small things like this that just lightens your whole being and makes u feel good about yourself… I dunno for whatsoever reasons!!!...

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  1. true ! let me share with you a small experience 'coz your post is on the same lines.

    While waiting for someone, I happened to notice a few school children playing in their school premises. there was a 8 or 9 year old girl who was the monitor and she was overseeing the playful kids with an iron-grip ! A shout here and a shout there .. "nimmi, don't make so much noise !" , " rahul, I will tell your name to miss, if u climb the wall !"
    Similarly she was chiding everyone and reproaching them.

    Suddenly she shouted out loud, jumped from her seat and marched towards a small girl, who saw her monitor coming and stood frozen ! Her mouth opened and out popped a pebble from her mouth !

    Our monitor fumed and fretted about how she had been warned not to eat stones and yet she did. She announced that she will tell this to their Miss. The 'pebble-gobbler toddler' was so shocked at being caught and so afraid of the whole situation, that she just stood mortified,staring at the monitor. Now I was watching this with rapt attention !

    The monitor then went towards the teacher but surprisingly did not complain anything. She just went there and again sat in her place and started looking at other victims for venting her fury. The pebble-gobbler was amazed and I could read her face going all pink and blue at the same time. She could not comprehend what had just happened and made her way towards the monitor slowly and with great difficulty. the monitor saw her coming and she instead came rushing towards the other girl and then I witnessed one of the most amazing, and absurdly humane moment - both the girls hugged each other and started playing. The Miss (teacher) saw me looking at this scene and just smiled :-)

    I stood there watching this and I too could not help but smile.... I didnt realize the impact this had on me until the next moment when I glanced at a board and like you observed in your post, I too just felt good about life and it brought an involuntary smile. The board outside the school read "Matrushri School for the Mentally retarded" :-)


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