Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Friendships Day!!!

Happy friendship day..!!! :-)

Yup… yesterday was friendships day… the first Sunday of August… a quiet, relaxing, and a normal holiday like any other weekend…

I remember back in school and college, the enthusiasm with which Friendship Day was celebrated… brightly colored bands adorning the wrist right up till the elbow in some cases… comparing with one another who had more bands… the rare colored satin ribbons that passed off for bands (pocket money!!:P), cutting cakes, meeting up with friends… and since it falls on a Sunday, the whole fun would be next day at School/College!!

But somehow as days pass by, as we grow older, these kind of “days” seem to have taken a backseat… yup..Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Rakshabandhan, etc have their own charm still… but “Special days” as these have somehow taken less priority over anything else.. Gone are those days when you used to message everyone in your contacts list wishing them a happy friendship day… or calling up your best friends and wishing them and reminiscing about the good ol’ days… mailing everyone cards(e-cards all the same!) and celebrating with them… Not that we don’t care or anything… but maybe we have other things taking precedence over this..!!

Yesterday my friend from college messaged me late at night… we were really good friends in college during MBA and used to hang out a lot together.. but somehow caught in the flurry-burry of the corporate world its more or less like we don’t talk that often… friends we still are… good friends.. But it is taking a lot of time and effort for us to keep that same level of friendship going… he messaged and wished me a Happy friendship day and kind of subtly remarked that he was expecting at least a call or message from me… I did not message anyone! I only replied to those few pals who messaged me and reminded me that it was friendship day… I can’t very well go and tell him that I did not message anyone and therefore missed him out too… that sounds ridiculous even to my ears..! I simply said sorry and wished him late!

I did not have the inclination or the proclivity to message anyone or wish anyone…!!! Again as I said not because I don’t care or I think it’s childish or beneath me… I just did not feel like..!! I felt that I could rather talk some other day to my friends or catch up with them on any other day… I do not need a special day to make them feel special or unique… they all are… Each of them... Unique and special in their own sweet way… and I love them all!! I am also sure that they would understand if I missed out on one of their special days…

Like I said before, yesterday was just yet another day… the fact that it was friendship day did nothing special … rather like how it used to… a few eons back….

Or does it seem so just to me..!!!

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  1. ummm...really makes me feel bad / SAD that i could not do my best on this day for u ...u should have given me a slighest hint of it would have made it the most memorable for u ...i mean it ..i know that past few days have been ver hard for me coz of thigs happened whcih v both knew ..dosent make any difference for us both though..closed the baggage on the night b4 the friendsip day and started it a fresh ..coz life short and world is small who know we bump again and have some gud time ...


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