Thursday, June 25, 2009

Comeback...!!! :D

And finally a blog after a long hiatus…

Yeah… I know.. my last blog was on May 3 which was a month and half back…

So in these past 2-3 months of “very less blogging”… update on things that transpired in my life… :D

I quit my job.

I moved back to Kerala, bag and baggage from Hyderabad (that was painful to say the least!)

I spent a month at home doing nothing… whiling away my time… watching endless episodes of FRIENDS, How I Met Your Mother, and Heroes…

I became a Mrs. from a Ms.

I moved to Singapore.

And then here in Singapore…

I tasted my first ever Starbucks Coffee (yes.. before you ask, it lived up to its name and fame!
And yes it is important to me! Will explain in a later blog ;-) )

I am still in awe of the organized system that this country is…

I am finding my way about here and in life…

I am still sitting at home here whiling away my time, experimenting with cooking, using my poor husband as the guinea pig, watching endless back to back episodes of various shows, and reading!

So why haven’t I been blogging if I could do so much to while away my time…???!!!?

Ah… Er.. Well.. Hmmm.. Bloggers Block?? :D

Hehe… Well anyways… I promise to be more punctual in blogging from now on…

And in the meantime… please please pray that I get a JOB sooooooonnnn…..


  1. 'Bloggers Block' - thats a true phenomenon. cos if you check some familiar bloggers (including me), you see, most of them stop writing after a long interval. Even I faced it difficult to find a subject after a long interval starting from my exams. :) But I love the satisfaction I get after writing something good. Nywyas, happy blogging and never stop writing.. Sometimes you never know whats gonna come out of you, some thing you never knew may come out ;)

  2. Congrats!
    Enjoy Life in Singapore :)

  3. I was starting to pray when I came to know you are back home... Now should I complete the prayer or get back to work?! :-S


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