Friday, December 11, 2009

The perils of growing up!!!

You know, I've always thought of myself as someone who is not too rigid about stuff, kinda dont-carish in a way, and someone who is ready for anything impromptu sorts. But in the recent past, I've noticed stuff about myself that is new to me. I was not like that! In fact I ridiculed people who were like that. And now I am one of them! 

I used to be the kind who was ready for any sort of plan at any time, someone who was not bothered about messy stuff, someone who could pull an all-nighter if required, sitting up and talking till dawn breaks out types. Now, not so much! 

I think twice before making some sort of plan with friends wondering if it would upset my daily routine. I hate it when the kitchen is a mess and there are dirty dishes lying in the sink. I can pull an all-nighter to an extent only that I really need atleast 6 hours of sleep after that. I prefer a small crowd of 4-5 people more than the huge gatherings that I used to like. I like spending time at home rather at going out. And worst of all I hate it when my routine or whatever I have planned for the time being gets disrupted. 

And I have no friggin' clue why! What do I attribute this change to? 

Marriage? Getting older? Or as my mom would like to say, She's finally grown up!! Argh!

As much as I try to be light-hearted and in the moment type as I was earlier, its becoming more and more difficult as days go by. 

I crave for stability and some sort of a routine these days! Of course there is a lot of routine stuff that happens! But you know what I mean! 

Ah well... the perils of growing up! Phew!


  1. So what are the perils? Its a good thing Aishu. I can relate to your thoughts with what I went through 2 years ago. Once you start accepting the changes and feelings as your own, the transition is not only easy its also fun! :) Once you are "grown-up" I'm sure it'll get boring and predictable.The best part about "growING up" is that you don't know what to expect out of yourself and there will be many more surprises- you will never be bored of yourself! Is'nt it fun "growING up"! ;)

  2. Too much of analysis huh...just live the life. You are what you are..what you were is not relevant any longer since thats not what you are. As you move with life you learn something and that something becomes part of you and changes you forever.

    So dont spend too much of time digging the past. One is as old or young as he or she thinks. move on..Grow up :)

  3. You are becoming more responsible and answerable than before. These are signs of that. If this is what 'growing up' is, then you are growing up !

  4. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!


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