Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shoo Shoe !!

I bought myself a pair of shoes recently. Formal cum Casual shoes. Pair of nice black slip-ons with a nice little design near the toes and a small heel. :-)

Ones that go with anything. Or so I thought.

The sales lady was very enthusiastic about me picking it up… she was gushing about how nice they looked on my feet and how they go with all dresses and how cute they were!! And chump that I was for compliments and flattery I bought it!! It was on sale too so that added to my reasons for justifying the purchase. :P

The shoes did look good on my feet. They are KILLER shoes…

And I mean it literally… My feet are now almost DEAD…

Ever watched that episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S – the one with Monica’s Boots!! ??

I empathize with her now!! The shoes literally drank my blood and gnawed at my skin like they were from some alien shoe world and they were craving for human flesh and blood. I was limping about, making “ooohhh…aaahhh…ouch!” noises every few steps that I took… more like a walking talking advertisement for the pain balm... At some point, I swear I heard my toes crying out loud!! I need new toes now!!

This is by far the worst case of shoe-bite that I have ever had… my feet feel like they have been scrunched up much like the way in some customs the women tie up their feet so that they have tiny and dainty feet.

Only in my case if this goes on I will have no feet.


  1. :-(
    Btw new look for the blog is cool :)

  2. @ Soorya --> Thankooo :D :D I was skeptical about it as few friends told me it was slightly dull.. :-)

  3. How can i forget Monicas new boots... ;) ha ha.. I hope Ashwin wont have to take you on his back after a dinner.. :)

  4. @ Manu --> Imagine Ashwin doing that... He'd say lets call a cab :P :P


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